Sep 9, 2016

Kishiwada Danjiri Festival

This is Haru from Osaka Hana Hostel : )

Do you know ''Danjiri''??
Have you ever seen it ??

Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is one of the most famous and thrilling festival in Japan!!

Massive wooden floats called "Danjiri" are accelerated to the human running speed.
Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is characterized by 35 teams, and each carries a loud orchestra and a person who performs an expressive dance on the roof.
But what really makes Kishiwada Danjiri Festival so special is the speed at which the floats are turned 90 degrees at crossroads and corners.

You can also enjoy viewing Danjiri closely when it stops in front of you.
It is large and heavy (weigh up to 5 tonnes) and has elaborate carvings.
The floats parade slowly through the town, illuminated by over 200 paper lanterns.
There are stalls selling snacks and beverages on streets!!

Thank you for reading  : )

Around Kishiwada station and Haruki station of Nankai Line
1-10, Miyamotocho, Kishiwada
SCHEDULESeptember 17(Sat) & 18(Sun), 2016

Sep 1, 2016


Manpaku 2016

Japan's largest food festival, Manpaku, is here Osaka! "Manpaku" is the abbreviated name for a "Manpuku(=full stomach) Hakurankai(=exposition)."
It was named in the image of the huge festival that gathered the special gourmets who satisfied you.
The restaurants of Manpaku are great shops that make long lines in a rock festival and become the topic by a product exhibition.
Higashi no hiroba , Expo Park
SCHEDULEOctober 8(Sat)- 11(Tue),14(Fri)- 17(Mon), 2016
10:00-18:00(Last entry at 16:30)
FEEWeekdays Adv 300yen/Door 400yen
Saturday, Sunday and National holidays Adv 400yen/Door 500yen
※Admission free for Junior high school student or younger

◆Admission fee for Expo park is required
Adult: 250yen
Junior high or elementary school student: 70yen
INQUIRIESName : Kyodo Information
TEL : 06-7732-8888


Aug 21, 2016

8/27 Moriguchi Fireworks Festival!

Hi, this is Shoko from Osaka Hana Hostel.

I would like to announce that the Moriguchi Fireworks Festival is coming on the 28th of August!


Date: Sunday, The 28th of August

Time: 19:00-20:30

Place: Between Toyosato bridge and Torikai bridge in the Yodogawa-kasen Park

Click here for the map

Number of Fireworks: 5,000

It might be the last fireworks so do not miss it.

Jul 13, 2016

PL Art of Fireworks at Tondabayashi, Osaka

Hello, this is Haru from Osaka Hana Hostel.

It comes to be the fireworks season in Japan since the rainy season is almost over.

Last year I already introduced this fireworks event to you,
but I would love to recommend it again as my favorite !!

One of the biggest fireworks event in Japan is held at my hometown ''Tondabayashi'' on the 1st of August.

This fireworks show is considered as the best in the world by many people.
A various kind of artistic fireworks are continuously shot off with BGM.

Its highlight of the mega-size Star Mine blasting 8,000 shots will light up the sky spectacularly.

Could you believe it??
If you can not, please go to Tondabayashi on the 1st of August :)
(Movie from Youtube)

【PL Art of Fireworks】
【official】(No English)

August 1(Mon), 2016

19:55 -20:50 (planned)

Church of Perfect Liberty
〒584-8651 2172-1 Shindo Tondabayashi city

30min from Tondabayashi station by walk
50min from Kongo station by walk
40min from Osaka sayamashi station by walk
**On the day, a lot of people go to these stations.
Even if you find a bus or taxi to the place, you will be caught in traffic.

Name : Perfect Liverty
TEL : 0721-24-1111

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Have a nice travel !!

Jul 10, 2016

swimming in Osaka

Hi,there!The hot and humid days continue.

It is time to go to the beach!

It is not very known but you can enjoy the beach in Osaka!

Pichi Pichi Beach Open

A 700-meter sandy beach where Kansai International Airport and even Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge can be seen in sunny weather is now open with its barbecue area.

Pichi Pichi Beach(Hakotsukuri Kaisui Yokujo)
〒599-0232 3346, Hakotsukuri, Sennan, Osaka
SCHEDULEJuly 2(Sat) - August 31(Wed), 2016
FEEShower 400yen
Shower & Locker 700yen

Jun 22, 2016

Tenjin Matsuri Festival

 Tenjin Matsuri Festival Dedication Fireworks Display

This festival is the greatest in Osaka boasting of a history of a thousand years. On the morning of the 24th, it starts with the Hokonagashi Ritual (Throwing the sacred sword) by Hokonagashi Bridge. Shishi-Mai (Lion Dance) and Mikoshi (Portable shrine) go around the territory of the shrine. In the Hommiya (Main day) on the 25th, the Rikutogyo starts from the shrine at about 15:30, and finishes in the shrine again through the Funatogyo. The festival reaches a climax during that passage. A large number of torch-lit boats cruising the river and the fireworks are splendidly displayed.


2-1-8 Tenjimbashi,Kita-ku,Osaka
SCHEDULE July 24(Sun) - 25(Mon), 2016
FEE Free
INQUIRIES Name : Osaka Temmangu Shrine
TEL : 06-6353-0025

The Tenjin Matsuri festival reaches climax when approx. 4,000 fireworks are set off in the night sky.
Around the Okawa River
SCHEDULE July 25(Mon), 2016
FEE Free

May 18, 2016


Hello : )
This is Haru from Osaka Hana Hostel !!!

Would you love to drink a beer??
If so, please try Japanese Craft Beer !!!!


23 Breweries from the six prefectures of Kansai will be coming together for CRAFT BEER LIVE 2016, the place is just 8min by walk from Osaka Hana Hostel : )
This event is a chance for brewers to showcase approximately 100 beers to local residents in the Kansai area(Osaka, Kyoto, Wakayama, Nara, Hyogo and Shiga)

It's very rare for brewers to have the chance to serve their own beers, this event offers the chance for patrons to hear the voices of beer makers as they enjoy their drinks in an actual "live" situation, because people are encouraged to talk and learn about beer, the event it self is not only for craft beer lovers, but also for those new to craft beer to enjoy as well!

CRAFT BEER LIVE also has the support of a number of local craft beer shops and restaurants, they will be providing the cuisine at the event to match the beers.

There will be a variety of live music and performances in addition.
As the weather will be heating up with the onset of early summer, it's a great time to enjoy a cold one outside!

〒556-0017 1-3-1, Minatomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
May 28(Sat) 12:00~20:00
May 29(Sun) 11:00~18:00 

2400yen(Beer ticket x7 + original plastic cup)

Beer ticket x1 400yen
Beer ticket x7 2800yen
Original plastic cup 50yen


Let's enjoy drinking!!!!
Thank you for reading : )