Oct 26, 2012

Halloween party

Are you ready for Halloween!?
Have you decided what you will be??

Here are some information of night clubs!
Oct 27th (Sat )
If you wear full costume, you don't need to wait a line!

Oct 27th (Sat)
If you wear full costume, free entrance!

Oct 27th (Sat)
All you can drink!

Have fun guys!

Oct 24, 2012

Osaka Hana Hostel Information board!

Hi, How are you? I'm Ranna :)
I have worked here for 6 months.

I make an effort to make information board for guests!
I believe this helps you to enjoy Osaka.
Hot and helpful information is on the board :)

When I had worked at J-hoppers Osaka, Kyohei, a recepcitoner, also wanted to put many info on the board. His information was also helpful.. like bars, beach or KOBE's stuff.
So it was Okay.
But he took my info awaaaay :(
I could not use the board as much as I want :(

Now I am doing as I want, he he :)

I put not only Osaka info, restaurants and useful tickets information is also up dated !
Please check it when you come to Osaka Hana Hostel!!!

Oct 23, 2012

Rokko Meets Art 2012

There is a great event called "Rokko Meets Art"where you can enjoy mountain hiking and seeing pieces of art all over.

 There is also a cable car you can use if you want to have a nice relaxing trip up the moutain.

You can have a picnic with the nice view of the city and watch the sun set.  And after that you can see special art that lights up.

It's a nice season for hiking and arts now.
You should go there^^