Nov 26, 2011

Arima hot spring!

Arima Onsen is one of great Onsen in kinki area.
Access is very easy from Osaka!
It is worth to visit!

Arima has 2 kinds of Onsen, one is called " gold Onsen " another one is called " Silver Onsen".
Gold onsen's color is red and yellow. This is a picture of old onsen!

Silver onset looks like normal, but it makes you very warm and comfortable.
Both Onsens are very good for your health.

I visited " Taiko no yu" which is a amusement park of Onsen in Arima.
You can enjoy spa, massage,bedrock bath , food and so on.

This amusement park is amazing!
You can enjoy both onsen at the same time!
And you can enjoy 24 kinds of both style.

I relaxed so much! I am sure you have a great time here.

I wanna visit Arima Onsen again♪(^^) Miss it!

Nov 22, 2011

Christmas market at Sky building

[German Christmas Market at Sky building]

Nov 18th ~ Dec 25th.

Mon-Thurs: 12:00~21:00
Fri: 12:00~22:00
Sat and Sun: 11:00~22:00

Entrance fee: free

Great chance to drink German Glühwein which is pretty good!
You can buy Gluewein at IKEA but this is more authentic one. I'm sure you will like it.

It's closed at 21:00/22:00, so whenever you feel like drinking gluewein!
Also, if you have a few bills to spend, you can go up to the top of the building and see the beautiful night view. it's 700 yen to go up.

Nov 19, 2011

Candle night 2011★Winter

The event of "Candle night" is coming soon this year again.

Turn off the light, and light a candle.


Write a letter to your familiy, friends, lover..

Take a long bath ..

Read a book ..

Enjoy nice dinner with special person ..

Save energy and think about peace ..

Go slow. Enjoy this quiet peaceful time.

Very relaxed, beautiful and peaceful event is held in Osaka.
One of them, Nishiumeda night is close to J-Hoppers Osaka, it's only 10 minutes walk.

Candle Night in Osaka

*Nishiumeda night : 7th of December (Wednesday) 18:00 - 22:00
*Chayamachi night : 14th of December (Wednesday) 18:00 - 22:00