Feb 21, 2015

Plum Blossam veiwing!

This is the great season for Plum Blossam veiwing.
There are 1250 plum trees in Osaka castel park.
Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the plum blossoms!

Place: Osaka castel park
Fee: free

Feb 13, 2015

Max Brenner is in Osaka?

Hi there.
Do you know Max Brenner?
It's chocolate shop from Israel and there are 40 shops over the world.

They have varaeties of menu using chocolates.
The most popular menu is Chocolate Pizza using chocolate sause and marshmallow for topings.

All the interior in the store is about chocolate and once you get inside the store, you can smell full of chocolates!!
Max Brenner is paradise for chocolate lover!!!

There are 3 branch in Japan and it'sall in Tokyo. But the shop came in Osaka temporaly.

It's in Hankyu deparment stor 4th floor.
It will be there until 14th February. Hurry up and get into chocolate world !

Feb 3, 2015

Delicious Baumkuchen "CLUB HARIE" !

Hello, this is Masae from Osaka Hana Hostel!

Have you had Baumkuchen? That is one of my favorite sweet.

Baumkuchen is a German word and it translates to"tree cake".
When you cut a cake, it looks like a trunk of the tree with annual rings.

I have a favorite shop called "CLUB HARIE"

It is located on the B1 floor at Hankyu Umeda Department Store.
If you have never tried, please try them. They are amazing.

They are quite reasonable!
1,080円 (15.9×15.9×5.7cm)
1,620円 (16.0×16.0×7.9cm)
2,160円 (21.8×21.8×6.8cm)
5,400円 (22.0×22.0×15.0cm)← I would love to try this!!

St. Valentine's day is coming soon (on the 14th of February)

In Japan, female give a chocolate to male.
1month later, male will give the gift to female, this date is called "White Day". 
I believe this day exist only in Japan:)

At Hankyu Umeda Department Store will held Special Event on the 9F!

And CLUB HARIE sell the special chocolate cakes only for Valentine's Day!!

Special Baumkuchen for Valentine's day!

4different type of Chocolate sauce on the top!
This is only for take out 648yen (includes tax)

【Valentine Chocolate Special Exihibition】
Term: 28th of January to 14th of February
Place : Hankyu Umeda Department Store 9F and B1

Please enjoy Japanese Valentines' day atmosphere!