Dec 19, 2010

Osaka basic tourist route in winter!

I recommend making a bicycle trip in Osaka, showing you a tourist route in winter.
Please rent a bicycle at J-hoppers Osaka in the morning. (500yen per one day)

Please cycle to the East starting from J-hoppers, then arrive at "Tenjinbashisuji food street"soon.
Here is the longest shopping street in Japan. Please try Japanese food, especially
trying Osaka food will be a good experience!

Go to the South, then you can see the river!Actually this river is running along the Osaka
castle park! The castle is stunning. It looks strong and grace.
You can cycle in the park. If you are interested in history of Osaka, please visit
" Osaka history museum". It is close to the Osaka castle park.

Go back to the West, you arrive at " Maccyamachisuji shopping street".
This street is known as poppets, toys, stationery, snacks and so on..
Japanese traditional snacks will be a good presents!

Head to South-West, "Namba"comes up! Namba is a downtown in Osaka!
MANY people, MANY stores, MANY restraints!
You can find whatever you want!
"Hozenji-Yokocho alley" , "Kamigata Ukiyoe museum"
and " America mura" are also worth to visit!
Please try Takoyaki, or octopus dumplings. You can make them by yourself in some restaurants.

There is a big street , names Midohsuji between "Namba" to "Umeda" .
It is a symbolize in Osaka, then ginkgo trees are along the street.
Actually these trees are illuminated until JAN 16.

Please go to north through this street in the evening!
You can be happy even you are down as you see them!
Look at traffic lights as well or you got crashed by car,, ha ha.

End of this street, it is a place of Hikari-Renaissance!
It is an annual festival at Nakanoshima area that symbolizes Osaka Aqua Metropolis.
Old buildings are illuminated until DEC25, especially the central public hall is illuminated amazing. This area becomes different! Although you are familiar with this area, I recommend going there during this festival!

Go to the North again, you come back to J-hoppers Osaka.
However if you have time, please visit "The sky building".
Christmas market is held there until DEC 26th.

I hope you do a great trip in Osaka.
Having a beer after this travel must be tasty!
Almost all bars or pubs around J-hoppers Osaka are open until over-midnight.
I hope you have a good time here in Japan!!

*The picture is related to Hikari-Renaissance.

Dec 2, 2010

Candle night 2010★Winter

Turn off the light, and light a candle.


Write a letter to your familiy, friends, lover..

Take a long bath ..

Read a book ..

Enjoy nice dinner with special person ..

Save energy and think about peace ..

Go slow. Enjoy this quiet peaceful time.

Very relaxed, beautiful and peaceful event is held in Osaka.
One of them, Nishiumeda night is close to J-Hoppers Osaka, it's only 10 minutes walk.

Candle Night in Osaka

*Chayamachi night : 2nd of December (Thursday) 18:00 - 22:00
*Nishiumeda night : 9th of December (Thursday)
18:00 - 22:00