Mar 23, 2010

Events in Osaka until end of March

Well, the weather these days is quite demoralizing, then lets look for some indoor activities ...

* Concert of Galactic :

The group Galactic will be on air on the 26th at Club Quattro from 19:30. 6000Y. Tel 06-6535-5569

* Concert of Europe :

A Swedish rock group will play at Namba Hatch on the 28th from 17:00. 7500Y or 9500Y. Tel 06-7732-8888.

* Mustache party

At Club Pure, 2500Y or 3000Y, on the 27th from 19:00, all you can drink.

Mar 14, 2010

Nippombashi Street Festa 2010

DENDENTOWN in Nippombashi.
This area is one of the most famous electronics quarters in Japan.

Nowadays it is also well-known as a town of Otaku (:nerd) culture.
Its street is lined with miscellaneous shops selling video games and
merchandise featuring cartoon characters.

"Nippombashi Street Festa 2010"
This is a big annual event which transmits attractive information of DENDENTOWN.

Various popular characters of animations and pretty maids parade in the street.
Enjoy cosplay festival, club-like event of animation songs and more!
You would watch unique robot's performance as well.

You cannot miss this event where participants and spectators lift their spirits together!
DATE : MARCH 21TH (SUN) 2010

Mar 7, 2010

Sumo Practice Tour

Grand Sumo Tournament will start in Osaka on the 14th of March.
It would be so exciting and good experience to watch it, but we will organize "Sumo Practice Tour"
from tomorrow, the 8th of March!
There is one of place where some sumo wrestlers practice till the 14th near J-Hoppers Osaka, so you can go there and watch their training.

Here is the details;

Date : every morning 8th(Mon.) - 11th(Thu.) and the 13th(Sat.)
Departure time : 9:30 am
*Maximum 5 persons / day
*Fee : 300 yen
*Approximate time :1.5 hours
*Photo with Sumo wrestler is available
*Tour guide : Fumi (our night worker)

Would you like to join??
Please sign up at the reception RIGHT NOW !!!

Grand Sumo Tournament information: