Jun 30, 2011

Let's try real hotsprings in Osaka:)

~~~~Real hot springs in Osaka city List~~~~

①Naniwa no yu
FEE 750yen
OPEN 10:00~25:00 . 365days
ACCESS get off at Tenjinbashisuji 6cho-me station. (subway)
★Osaka unlimited pass is available.

②Kamigata Onsen Ikkyu
FEE weekdays 700yen, Holidays 800yen
OPEN 10:00~26:00. Closed on the third Tuesday.
ACCESS catch a pick-up bus at Nishikujyo station (JR Osaka roop-line)
★spring's quality is very good!

③Tennen Onsen Tanabe
Fee 410yen
OPEN 6:00~25:00 Closed on Wednesdays.
ACCESS get off at Tanabe staion. (Subway)
★reasonable price and good Onsen!

There are more hot springs in Osaka.
If you head to Kobe, "Kua-house hot spring" is recommendable.

Thank you.

Jun 27, 2011

Namba Yasaka shrine

It's just 5 mins walk form Namba station

If you enter through the east gate, you can see this big dog-ish.

This is not a dog. it's a traditional "animal"

If you go there by train

go out side through exit 32 at Subway Yotsuyabashi.

then head to South for Motomachi 2:intersection.

after you hit the intersection, cross the street. walk until you hit Motomachi North3.
You have to make sure you are on the Midousuji street.

Then if you walk to west, you can find this weird shrine.

People go downtown for fun like eat, drink and party but this sight thing might be fun as well.

Osaka has a weird shrine, but this is really epic..no?

Jun 18, 2011

Tenjin Festival Funatogho observation seats on the boat

Tenjin Matsuri festival is one of biggest festival in Japan, and tons of people will come from everywhere, even from overseas.
This is the great festival and our guests also went to enjoy this festival every year.
But it's so hard to get a space to see fire works, because of too many people and the fire works don't go off so high in the city center, so most of them are exhausted and come back..

So, if you are coming to Osaka because of this festival,why don't you think to buy a special seat??
You can get on the boat to avoid those people, and enjoy fireworks with nice Bento(lunch box) and funny commentary by Osakan comedian. You would be a part of someone's picture for sure.

Date: 25th of July (Monday)
6 pm -
The fare : 17,000 yen

天神祭(English, Chinese, Korean)

The special seat on the land is also recommendable.