Feb 24, 2009

Plum blossom in Osaka castle

Hurry! Go to Osaka castle to see plum blossom!

95 species and about 1,250 Japanese plum trees planted there become well known for early flowering from the end of January as usual. They are characteristically made low and wide by trimming, so that visitors can enjoy KANBAI easily without casting their eyes up.

It will be very very crowded with people in Cherry blossom season around the end of March, but it's not so many now and you will have beautiful flowers with peaceful atmosphere.

Feb 4, 2009

should go to now "SPA WORLD"!!

What is "SPA WORLD"?

It's an Onsen theme park with full resort facilities, and f
eatures natural hot springs from around the world. It's in Shinimamiya, Osaka and it's very easy to get there by JR loop line.
There are two types of Spa floors, "European zone" and "Asian zone".
Do you prefer Asian one? Sorry, you can not choose because they fix the schedule as below.

*European zone : Jan / Mar / May / Jul / Sep / N
ov - WOMEN only
Feb / Apr / Jun / Aug / Oct / Dec - MEN only


*Asian zone : Jan / Mar / May / Jul / Sep / Nov - MEN only
Feb / Apr / Jun / Aug / Oct / Dec - WOMEN only
"渓流 Mountain stream in Japan"

Therefore you can not enjoy with your boy/girl friend in those two floors even if you wear a swim wear .. but it's worth to go even by yourself.
(There is "BADE zone" which you can enjoy with anyone with a swim wear if you really want to be with your lover, but there are only two kinds of baths and open 10:00-22:00)

They also have amusement pools,sport gyms,and a sauna etc.
The admission is 2400 yen for 3 hours, and 2700 yen for all day use.(10:00-24:00 weekday)

It's only 1000 YEN for all day use until the 30th of April !!!!
It's because three TV entertainers produced special bath powder for one of TV show in Osaka, and you can try these baths,too.
If you are there between 24:00 - 5:00, need to pay plus 1000 yen for late-night use,but 2000 yen in total is still reasonable. (They open 24 hours)

spa world

Why don't you go there after your long walk?