Jul 18, 2013

Osaka Soul food - Kushi-katsu!

Have you ever tried Kushi-katsu?
That is one of the Osaka Soul food, as same as Okonomi-yaki (Japanese pancake)and Tako-yaki (octopus ball).

Maybe you have heard "Ton-katsu"  which is deep fried pork cutlet.
So what is the different between Ton-katsu and Kushi-katsu?

Kushi means Skewers, so in English it is
“deep-fried breaded meat or vegetables on skewers” 
Each one is small portion so you can enjoy different Kushi-katsu (vegetables, shrimp, meat etc) for reasonable price. (100yen ~400yen each)

When you eat, you dip them in the sause pot. You share the sauce with others, so you are NOT allowed to dip in the pot twice!

The name of the dish is "Kushi-katsu", but if you order "Kushi-katsu" in a restaurant, you will get deep fried breaded beef in Osaka.
In Tokyo, it's made by pork with onion or spring onion.
In Nagoya, they put sweet miso sauce on the top. Each region has different style!

If you go to Shin-sekai(新世界) in Osaka, there are many Kushi katsu restaurants.
Normally you eat at the counter and chef cooked in front of you and serve them straight away.
It is so good and I just love to eat there!!!

Me and my friends at "Tengu" Kushikatsu restaurant.

On April, there is New Style Kushi-katsu shop opened at Shinsaibashi shopping street!!

The name of the restaurant is "Daruma"
"Daruma" has many branch in Osaka, but this one is very special!

You will be seated at a table, not a counter...

Then you order with the touch panel!! (some sushi train restaurant has this system)

English, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese is available!


Then small train will bring kushikatsu to your table!!

After you take all kushikatsu, you press the red button, then a train leaves.

They have a heated plate on the table to keep them hot.

You will get a bawl of cabbage for free (you can ask more if you want).
It helps your digestion also used as a spoon to take more sause on your dish(because you can't dip them in the sause pot twice!). 
If you find Kushikatsu restaurant, please try it.
It could be lunch, dinner and even snack!
Some shop has English menu, so you know exactly what you want to order.

Daruma Shinsaibashi branch
Operation hour : 11:00〜22:30
Address:1-5-17 Shinsaibashi suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka

 I hope you enjoy it !!!

Jul 15, 2013

Haunted houses in Osaka

Japanese people like Haunted houses.
Tsuten-kaku, a famous Osaka tourist attraction, has a haunted house only in this summer.

大阪名物 通天閣 お化け屋敷 死ん世界 天王寺

This house name is death-world (死ん世界)

This house opens from the 12th of July to the 8th of September.
Admission fee is 800yen.

There is another haunted house near Osaka Hana Hostel.
Please come here and ask us directly... !

Jul 5, 2013

Tanabata Festival in Shitennoji Temple

Tanabata Festival in Shitennoji Temple

Tanabata Evening at Shitennoji Temple

To celebrate Tanabata (the traditional Japanese star festival), a bamboo grass tunnel and an artificial Milky Way will be created at Shitennoji Temple. The tunnel will be made with more than 300 bamboo branches and the Milky Way made with brilliant LEDs. If you walk through the bamboo grass tunnel decorated with tanzaku (colorful strips of paper on which people write their wishes), your wish might be heard by the stars. On July 7, the venue will be lined with street stalls. There will also be various events, including a concert, an astronomical viewing session, and lectures relating to stars. (Some events will be charged.) On July 8, a fire ritual will be held at the temple to burn the tanzaku.

When: 6th - 8th of July
Where: Shitennoji-Temple  1-11-18 Shitennoji,Tennoji-ku,OsakaCity