Apr 22, 2015

hot spring in Osaka

Do you like hot spring?
You might feel wired taking a bath with other people and being naked.
Most of Japanese love it and it's good for relaxation and your health.

There are hot springs in country side normally.
But there is in Osaka!

The name is "Yunokura"

There are many kinds of bath and sauna in a huge 3 floor building.

What the special in this place is that you can see "Taishu engeki"  
Taishu engeki is a old Japanese culture and it's a performance for the masses.

 You don't need to pay extra to see it.
The entrance fee is 1000yen and you can try hot spring and Taishu engeki.
It's quite reasonable!!

Apr 17, 2015

Syoryoe (Memorial Service for Prince Shotoku)

This event commemorates for Prince Shotoku who had this important temple build in sixth century.
You can see classical Japanese performance bugaku dance.

Place: Shitennoji Temple
Time:  April 22nd 12:30pm
Admission fee: Free

Apr 8, 2015

The world of Tim Burton

There is one exhibition of Tim Burton at Grand Front Osaka.

All his big hit films and the world he create in the film has been attracted people's curiosity from all over the world, kids to adult.
The exhibition allows fans to experience his imagery and aesthetic "world" portrayed in his movies through the years.

PLACE 〒530-0011 Grand Front Osaka (North Building), 3-1, Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
SCHEDULE February 27th(Fri) ~ April 19th (Sun)
(till 21:00 on Friday and Saturday)

※Entry permitted until 30 minutes before close
FEE Adult 1,800 yen
High school and college student 1,300 yen
4 years old to junior high school student 800 yen

Apr 7, 2015

Rikuro Ojisan Cheese Cake =famous cheese cake shop in Osaka=

Hello! This is Masae from Osaka Hana Hostel!

Today, I would like to introduce one of the famous cheese cake in Osaka!

I wrote about "Pablo cheese tarte"shop before and I am sure you heard about this shop, too.

Rikuro Ojisan Cheese cake

This is my favorite cheese cake (^-^)
We have many guests who have this cheesecake on their hand when they come back from outside. They have been so popular!
I can understand why it is so popular because it's not too sweet, not too heavy,
fresh, fluffy and really reasonable!!

Every time I walk by I see the queue in front of the shop.
Specially when they bake fresh one, they ring the bell to attract people.

They use these special ingredient;
Import cream cheese from Denmark
Good quality eggs
Fresh milk 
Raisin from California soak in homemade syrup

Best Before: in a cool dark place- same day,
                   in the fridge- 3days 
specific raw materials:egg, daily product , flour
size [18cm] 648yen (includes tax)

This is Shop and Cafe in Namba opened Last April
Rikuro Ojisan Cheese cake shop in Namba used to sell cake for take away only,
but you can eat fresh cheesecake in this new shop!!
★Namba Shop -15mimutes walk from Osaka Hana Hostel
 ●1F Shop  9:30~21:30 
 ●1F Stand Cafe  9:30~21:30(Last order 21:00) 
 ●2F Cafe  10:30~20:30(Last order 20:00)
   Eat In Menu (on the 2nd floor)

There are more shops in Osaka;

★Umeda Shop
①Umeda Daimaru Department store

10:00~20:30(Friday & Saturday closed at 21:00)

②Hankyu Umeda concourse shop (near Hankyu Umeda Station)

★Shin Osaka Shop
①JR Shin Osaka Station 3F next to East Ticket Gate
②JR Shin Osaka Station 3F "Entree Marche"

If you have a chance to visit Shinsaibashi , Namba area please try this cafe!!

Apr 3, 2015

Osaka Jizake(Sake) Temma Taikai

Osaka Jizake(Sake) Temma Taikai

大阪地酒 天満大酒会

大阪地酒 天満大酒会 
In this event, you can try Japanese sake from 12 different Sake brewery of Osaka ! 

Where: OAP near Osaka Castle
When: 24th of May 2015
How much: 1000yen (include 1000yen worth sake tickets)  + 300yen for Sake cup

Each Sake costs from 100yen-300yen