Feb 20, 2014

Winter Sports

Hi there!

We have many guests come to Japan for snowboarding these days.
I also like snowboarding. I'm not good at it though lol

How about trying other winter sports?

It's ice skating!!

  We can try it in Namba which is center of Osaka!
 We also need a skill not to fall down and it's fun!!

 Check their web site.
Here is the link. (Sorry they don't have an English web site)

Fee: 1400yen + 200yen for rental skating shoes
Opening hours:10am to 7pm

Feb 16, 2014

Temma Tenjin Plum wine contest!!

Temma Tenjin Plum wine contest!!

The worship of Sugawara Michizane as Temma Tenjin.
Total of 326 varieties made throughout Japan brought together for this contest!

Place: Osaka Temmangu shrine
Date: Feb. 15-23 10am-4pm
Fee: Door 700 yen (can be sold out)
      * Free tasting, voting invited for 5 brands.

Feb 5, 2014

The best T-shirt in Osaka

We made our original T shirts!
We have yellow and navy.
The size is from XS to XL!
Front design is the first letter of J Hoppers and Chinese character of Hana Hoatel in Japanese and back in logo of J hoppers!
 It's 1800 yen and enyone can get them:)
It's the best T-shirt in Osaka, isn't it!?