Jun 26, 2014

Milky Way

Heisei Osaka Legend of the Milky Way

On July 7th, the beautiful Milky Way full of LED light of hope appears in Nakanoshima, Osaka, for just one day.

Place: The Okawa ・Tenmabashi Area (Kawasaki Bridge〜Nakanoshima Kensaki Park)
Date: July 7th

Jun 23, 2014

The Star Festival in Shitennoji

To celebrate Tanabata (the traditional Japanese star festival), a bamboo grass tunnel and an artificial Milky Way will be created at Shitennoji Temple.

 The tunnel will be 25m long and the Milky Way made with brilliant LEDs.
 If you walk through the bamboo grass tunnel decorated with tanzaku (colorful strips of paper on which people write their wishes), your wish might be heard by the stars.

On July 5 & 6, the venue will be lined with street stalls. There will also be various events, including a concert, an astronomical viewing session, and lectures relating to stars.
(Some events will be charged.) On July 8, a fire ritual will be held at the temple to burn the tanzaku.

Fee : Admission Free
For charity: Candle 100 yen, Shitennoji tanzaku 100 yen
Schedule : July 5 to 8, 2014

Jun 9, 2014


A “Wrapped Train" was born on June 1, 2014 and runs in Osaka Loop Line.
Each car was designed by 8 artists with different theme related to Osaka.
①History ②Land mark ③Food ④ Power spot ⑤ Nature ⑥Traditional ⑦ Local place
⑧Sighseeing place

I took this train by chance it was pretty colorful and make people happy!

Which one is your favorite?

Jun 6, 2014

Rice Planting Ritual @ Sumiyoshi Shrine in Osaka

Have you heard about "Sumiyoshi Shrine" ?
It's famous shrine for one of the oldest one in Japan.
And it's known for one of most visited shrines in the country on New years day.
About 2million people visit here!! 
On the 14th of June, they will have "Rice Planting Ritual".
You can see the people in constume and how to plant rice seeding in the fields in old days.
At the end of the event, you will see the famous rice planting dance and Sumiyoshi dance by 150 girls!
Place: Sumiyoshi taisya shrine
Date: the 14th of June
Time: 13:00~
Acccess: "Sumiyoshi Taisha Station" on the Nankai Main Line from Namba
or By Hankai Tramway Uemachi Line from Tennoji and get off at "Sumiyoshikoen Station"
It must be a great experience!
And we hope you enjoy it!!