Sep 15, 2009


Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2009(Suito Osaka) has been holding till the 12th of October, in Nakanoshima area, it's about 10 minutes walk from J-Hoppers Osaka.

Osaka is known as "water metropolis" because many rivers running through.
Also,Osaka has square-shaped "corridors" formed by five rivers. It is very rare in Japan, or even around the world, that such corridors of rivers exist in an urban center.
Centering on the Water Corridors, various development projects and revitalization projects utilizing the riverfronts are now underway. This is an ongoing project to redevelop Nakanoshima Park- a historical and cultural center of Osaka located at the top of the Water Corridor-as a water-oriented park, as well as a project to redevelop Hachikenya-hama as a terminal for river and land transportation.

It has many kinds events, arts, morning market, cafe,walking tour,illuminations..
They update every week and please check the website for more details: