Feb 24, 2011


Nararan-kai is the event which is held from the 12th of February to the 26th of February in Nara.
They will show Japanese traditional RAKUGO×SAKE×NARA DISHS in NARA, and furthermore, they will do RAKUGO in English on the last day, the 26th of February (Saturday)!

It would be a wonderful opportunity for foreigners to try Japanese traditional in a old pretty shrine..

*Admission free, but need to book in advance:
CAll:06-6345-0448 or EMAIL : narayoyaku@prdx.co.jp


Feb 18, 2011

Mr. Yano's favorite spot in Osaka

This is an incredible building. look at these pictures.
There is a highway inside the building. As it sounds, so many cars pass through this building!!

It was made just for SF movies.....maybe no. I'm sure this building is reall awesome if u make a racing movie or something.
Well, I guess there were not so many spaces to build since Osaka has had loads of buildings or the architecture were creative. Also, there is a heliport at roof top. damn!!!

I might have to ask Mr. Yano why it was build.

It's located here. I have not checked it yet but I'll definitely go take a look soon.


Feb 13, 2011

Takoyaki Party in J-hoppers Osaka!

We gonna have a Takoyaki Party on the 16th of February!
University students host the party this time!

They look forward to deepen exchanges with you!
They want to know about your country. Your culture, food, life style,,, ANYTHING!
Please join the party and make friends here!

Although they do not speak English fluently, they try to help that you have a great memory in Osaka.

Not only Takoyaki, we gonna try to Yakisoba as well! ★★
We would like to try to make Takoyaki by yourself. That's would be a good experience!

Place: the 1st floor in J-hoppers Osaka
Time: About 17:00
Fee: Free but would you bring your own drinks?
object person: The guest who stay here

There may be a fight to get some Takoyaki, be careful~~!