Sep 25, 2011

Let's see a musical★ in Osaka

I saw the musical play in Gekidan-Shiki's theather in Osaka.
Gekidan-Shiki is a famous drama company which play to aim at a mass audience.

It was the first time to see this kind of musical play for me.
I was touched and wanted to see again!

Gekidan-Shiki have many dramas, one of them which I saw was 「The Sound of Music」.
It was very lovely!:)
Story was nice, songs were great, their act was amazing.
This show close by the end of February 2012.
( You still have a chance♪)

Another drama is going to be put on the stage since Oct 23 in Kyoto.
The tile is 「Mamma Mia!
This has been played in Osaka last year, but I missed to see...
If you have a chance, you would be better to go! :)

Sep 11, 2011

Spanish Omelett VS Japanese Sushi - World contest!!

We will have a new event on the 17th of September, it is -

"Spanish Omelett VS Japanese Sushi "!!

Can you bet which one will win?!
You can cook Spanish Omelett with our Spanish staff Jose,
or Japanese Sushi with our Japanese staff Fumi,
then you can learn how to cook them also.
After cooking, you can eat them and enjoy your dinner !

We can have only 4 people on each team, so please sign up at the reception if you want to join!!

Date : Sep 17th (Saturday)
Time : 6:30pm -
Place : in the kitchen
Fee: 500 yen

Sep 5, 2011

Machu Picchu

It's been 100 years since an Archaeologist,Hiram Bingham, found this place.
so, it's 100 years anniversary for this.
don't know why we Japanese celebrate this though. Weird.
( because Hiram Bingham must be an American I think . )

Time: 9/17~10/2

Fee: Free

Place: 大阪府咲洲庁舎 near trade center maestation

The Incas, we might have studied when we were high school, started building the "estate" around AD 1400, but abandoned it as an official site for the Inca rulers a century later at the time of the Spanish Conquest.
Well, I really wanna go visit Machu Picchu in the near future.

If you want to see it but don't have time, you have to go to this exhibition.