Mar 30, 2016


Hi, how is it going every one?
Is it every thing alright?

If we ask to our guests that 'What brought you Osaka?'
Probably, they are going to answer for delicious foods,sight seeing, and to get foreigner friends.

Let me introduce about Imazato Marche Yokocho today.

「今里 マルシェ」の画像検索結果

「今里 マルシェ」の画像検索結果

「今里 マルシェ」の画像検索結果

This is  maltinational 'Yatai'(stalls in Japanese) in *Imazato(from Shinsaibashi ,at first please go to Namba station and then take subway Sennichimae line to Imazato subway station)
Imasato Marche Yokocho has opened recently.
However there are always crowded and bustle.

In there you can enjoy every thing as I mentioned above!
First of all, you can get a taste of the Original Japanese foods such as Okonomiyaki,Takoyaki,Yakisoba,Teppanyaki,Yakitori and Oden.

In addition, you can enjoy Nepal foods ,Korean foods and USA stake!!!!!:)

And largely you can drink Japanese Sake here:)

You can check their menu links billows.

The detail is as follows!

If you go to Imazato Marche Yokocho please share your experience with us:)

Mar 20, 2016

Mt. Inunaki Releasing of Trout festival

Mt. Inunaki Releasing of Trout festival 
One of the seasonal traditions of Sensyu area is spring greenery festival. About 80kg of fish trout will be released into the river at upper stream of the Inunaki Bridge.
Please enjoy fishing. (Held early April every year.)

*Please bring your own fishing rod and other related tools to fish.
*Cancelled in the event of rain or the rise of a river flooding.

Go to Nankai Izumisano Sta. on Nankai main Line or go to JR Hineno Sta. on JR Hanwa line. Take a bus to Inunakiyama (犬鳴山) area and get off at Inunakiyama stop.
Upper stream of Inunaki Ohashi (Bridge)
SCHEDULE April 17(Sun) - 29(Fri), 2016

■Releasing of Trout
April 17(Sun)
11:00 and 13:00 (Twice)

FEE Admission free (There are some charged events)             
INQUIRIES Name : Izumisano city tourism bureau
TEL : 072-469-3131

Mar 10, 2016

Nipponbashi Street Festa 2016

Hello !!
This is Haru from Osaka Hana Hostel : )

Which kind of image do you have about Japanese culture??

Japanese food? temple?? Sakura(cherry blossom) ??

How about ''Anime'' ??
Do you know it ??

Every year in March, the streets of Denden Town are closed to traffic to make room for one of the biggest anime-themed events in Kansai !!

The Nipponbashi Street Festa is a colorful festival featuring cosplayers in elaborate attire, robot performances, live music and much more.

This popular event is a must for anybody interested in seeing the ultimate in Japanese pop culture.

The cosplayers are more than happy to pose for photos, so don't be afraid to take your camera.

Are you interested in this Festa??
''Anime''  is one of the famous Japanese culture, so if you are in Osaka, let's join !!

Sakaisuji Ave. (Ebisu-cho Cross~Nipponbashi 3-chome Cross)
Ebisu-cho Naniwa-ku ~ Nippombashi Chuo-ku, Osaka

March 20 (Sun), 2016

Admission free


Thank you so much for reading!!!
Have a good day : )