Aug 28, 2011

Haunted house in Umeda

there is a haunted house in Umeda.
The website saying, there was a secret road which is called route 0.
it exists in between some dodge buildings around the end of route 1 and route 2.

Well, this might be fun, but it says if you go inside, you can not get out of there I don't recommend you should go there unless you don't care about it.

place: in frot of Hanshin department
fee: 800yen

Aug 19, 2011

Very nice Sri Lankan restaurant

We found a very nice Sri Lankan restaurant :)

You might think you wanna eat Japanese food in Japan.
It is a great idea!
Real Japanese food are amazing.
Delicious, beautiful, healthy.

But, I recommend this restaurant too.
Sri LanKan food, but very nice!

It looks like a house with big garden.
Goats and sheep are there :)

All chef are Sri Lankan!

Please visit here, I m sure you have a great time!
Taxi from Ikoma station
TEL 0743-77-7936

 Cafe 10:00~
 Lunch 11:00~14:00
 Dinner 17:00~22:00

Aug 2, 2011

Yodogawa Fireworks Festival 2011

Yodogawa Fireworks festival is coming in 4 days!!
..However, we enjoyed from our rooftop for the last 3 years, but a new building has been under construction in the same direction of the fireworks and is getting higher and higher, so I guess it would disturb us to watch the fireworks..
We had great party on the rooftop last year, but it seems better to not do it this year..

BUT!! Mr. Yano is willing to help out. He has lived in this area and watched these fireworks for more than 20 years every year without fail, he has planned a tour this year to watch the fireworks.

*The details *
1. Please come to the J-Hoppers reception at 6:30 pm on the 6th of August(Saturday)
2.We will walk to the river side(about 20 mins)
You can buy a sushi set(500 yen) if you want, and enjoy with fantastic fireworks!!
3.After the fireworks, you can also enjoy Japanese public bath(sento) on the way back to J-Hoppers. The fee:400 yen

Kobe FireWork

This coming saturday, AUg 6th, there is a Firework Festival in Kobe.
It starts from 19:30. There will be so many people there and must be super busy.

I'll tell you where you can see the firework wel;

1) Kobe Harbor land
2) Meriken park
3) Nakafutou(Port island)
4) Venus Bridge
5) Mt. Rokko

i think Venus bridge is the best place because you can see the night view as well and there might not be so busy. If you catch a cab from near Sannomiya hankyu station, it would be 1,200yen to get to there. You will have to call a cab to pick you up to go down to Sannomiya though.

Also, I guess there are not so many people around nakafutou station.

p.s. Yodogawa firework falls on the same day!