Oct 29, 2011

The best international hostel !

Our international events are very popular nowadays!
I guess it is a bit difficult to guess what kind of party we are having on every Wednesday,
so I introduce you! :)

One of our staff ( the middle of the picture with white apron) takes you to Izakaya, or Japanese
style pub.
We have started this because we wanted to provide a chance for the guest to know each other!

Do not worry about anything, just join us!
Regardless of nationality, religion or culture, anyone who stay @ J-hoppers can join!

You worry about money? No need it !
Please pay for food and drink which you order.
If you do not order so much, you can save it!

After eating and talking, we usually go to Karaoke!!
It makes more special night!

karaoke is amazing ! No border in songs!
Dance, sing, laugh!
You can color your life!

Not only Wednesdays, we have this event on Sundays as well now.

Starting time is 19:00 but please join anytime!

J-hoppers Osaka is the best international hostel in Osaka! We are sure!

Oct 26, 2011

Halloween Party @J-Hoppers Osaka

Mr.Halloween, Kyohei organizes Halloween Party at J-Hoppers Osaka on this Friday, 28th!
If you dress up and come to the party, you will get 1 FREE drink !!

Mr.Kyohei became "Mr. Italy" last night... how about this year, someone said, Mr. Mexico?!!

Date : the 28th of October, Friday
7 pm-22:00
Fee : Guest - Free
Non guest - 1000 yen or bring food

Oct 24, 2011

Halloween Party at Giraffe

There is a costume contest at Giraffe in Shinsaibashi.
Basically, you have to dress up whatever you want to be.

There are some judges and if you got the first prize, you can get A pair of air ticket overseas!
2nd prize is you can go snowboarding!

Halloween is said that it's a big excuse to be slutty as much as you want!
If you go downtown, there are so many slutty girls. Also, so many people dress up like so intense. you might be impressed.
p.s. I'm gonna be un mexicano! barba, sombrero y pancho!

Date and Time
Oct. 29th (sat) 6:30~9:30pm (Door Open: 6pm)

Oct 13, 2011

Osaka Minami 2011 International Beer Festival

The Osaka Minami 2011 International Beer Festa will be held over three days from tomorrow
at Minato River Place.
It's so much fun to drink beer in hot and humid summer time, but actually it's a bit cold to drink these days in the evening..
but anyway, if you LOVE drinking beer, I don' t see why not??!
They have about 100 kinds of beer from over 30 countries!!

If you are not a big fun of beer, they also have many world-wide cuisines and dance/music show, so you would enjoy it.

10/14 (Fri) 15:00-20:00
10/15 (Sat) 12:00-20:00
10/16 (Sun) 12:00-20:00

Admission : FREE
Place : Minatomachi river place ( it's connected with JR Namba station)

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