Sep 22, 2014

Prayer room in JR Osaka staton

New prayer room opens in JR Osaka station on the 22nd of October 2014.
It is a big news for me because nobody expected it!

I was not surprised when Kansai International airport opened prayer rooms.
Because it is normal for international airports.

Osaka is changing to be an international.
( Cannot believe it 10 years ago)

We hope more people come to my town!!
I want to do all my best for visitors!

Welcome to Osaka!!!

Sep 20, 2014

The best Buta-man (steamed bun with meat filling) in Osaka! 551

Have you ever tried Buta-man (Niku-man)?
You can find them near the register of Convenience store (Lawson, Seven Eleven, Family Mart etc)
And it is so nice to have them when it gets cold. It is our fast food.

There is one shop I would like to recommend you to have Buta-man shop.
It's called HORAI .

We normally called them Niku-man (steamed bun with meat filling),
but for HORAI Nikuman is called BUTA MAN. (Buta means pork in Japanese. )

They are also famous by calling 551 (go go ichi)!

This is their logo, if you see it please try it!
I searched why they are called 551, and found it was the telephone number they used to have,
and also means "Koko ga ichiban", "This place is the best." in Japanese.

They have various menu for take out.

Buta-man (Steamed bun with meat filling)
I need to say this is the best one I have had.
2 for 340yen

Shumai 10piece for 650yen
Gyoza 10piece for 300yen
meat ball with sweet sour sause
1pack - 10piece for 300yen

They have many brunch in Osaka. They are reasonable and taste so good.

I always buy and eat them when I travel by Shinkansen (bullet train).
Also it is good for souvenir for my parents in Hiroshima. They also love it!
I am getting hungry now....

I hope you enjoy Osaka food 551 !!