Sep 21, 2012

October Festa

It's an annual event here in Osaka.
October festa! It's always extremely expensive but you can enjoy the atomosphere!
If you are bored or nothing to do, why don't you go drink there? Have you ever tried real German beers? You can buy one at Seijyoishi(international supermaket) but it's really good to drink German beers in a nice festa! I'm sure you will have a blast if you go there!
You can try German food as well.

this is the access

Sep 14th~ Sep 30th!

Sep 20, 2012

No border BBQ party!

One group which ic called cu-fu hold BBQ party in Naniwanomiya ato park!
They came to J hoppers Osaka to let us know about his event!

Cu-fu is craziest and bohemian group of Osaka,thats what they said:D

They hold some events like music event , language seminar.

Date: 22nd of September 
Time: 3pm~
Place:Naniwanomiya ato park(Tanimachi 4 choume station of Tanimachiline,subway)
You have to bring your drink!
It's good chance to see some people staying in guest houses and some staff of guest houses!
I am planing to go with my friends and my coworker!

Sep 15, 2012

Universal studios Japan

Universal studios Japan is one of the main spot for Osaka sightseeing.

A terrifying attraction themed on the movie  "The Mummy" has just been opened there.

Furthermore, the another terrifying attraction themed on "BIOHAZARD" has been opened too.
Zombies and monsters  will walk around the park and scare you!!

And also Jason Voorhees from " Friday the 13th" will be on the Halloween horror night.

You can experience the scary night there!!