Sep 21, 2013

Lets Enjoy Rakugo in English! 

Let’s enjoy RAKUGO in English 

Japanese traditional comic storytelling
 Tennoji Community Rakugo Performance
When : 13th of October  14:30 
Where: Sanno Fukushi Kaikan  2-13 Sanno, Nishinari-ku Osaka

てんのじ村寄席 8-1

  1. This is Rakugo  by  Showto  (笑人)
     Introducion of Rakugo and how it is  performed
  2. Chiritotechin  by  Marumaru  (四笑亭〇丸)                                  Rakugo story about dangerous local speciality made of tofu
  3. White lion by  Merin  (ぷりん亭芽りん)
     Rakugo story about unemployed man who hunts a unique good-paied job
  4. Workshop  by  Marumaru & Merin   (四笑亭〇丸・ぷりん亭芽りん)
     Try to perform short Rakugo stories with Rakugo instructor
  5. Time noodles  by  Showto  (笑人)
     Rakugo story about how to eat udon noodles at a bargain price 
  6. A Haunted Mansion by  Kitty (西ノ家喜亭)                                     Rakugo story about pretty ghost facinating innocent villagers 


What is RAKUGO ?

 Rakugo, a traditional one-person comic storytelling performance, is said to date back to the late 17th century and is still a very popular entertainment. Most stories are taken from ordinary people’s lives, mingling fun and sorrow.

 On a zabuton cushion, a storyteller creates an imaginary drama with a creative way of speaking and a various use of facial expressions to portray all kinds of characters.

 The only props used in Rakugo are a folding fan and a hand towel. They are used to represent many different objects such as chopsticks, pen, scissors, paper, wallet, and so on.

 Rakugo stories end with skillfully delivered punch lines called “ochi”(the character ochi is also read raku to give rakugo its name)that makes the story more interesting.

Recently, Rakugo stories have been performed in many different languages, such as English, French, Chainese, Korean, and getting popular worldwide.