Oct 22, 2013

Osaka Marathon

Osaka Marathon
One of the biggest Marathon!
30,000 people run around Osaka.
Start from Osaka Castle Park, run through Dotonbori, Midosuji, Nakanoshima area,
Kyocera Dome, Tsutenkaku, and more.
Runners, participating volunteers and spectators cheering along the street!!

Place: Start:) Osaka Castle Park    Goal) Intex Osaka
Date: Oct 27th
Fee: Free

Oct 20, 2013

Halloween horror night at Universal Studios Japan

Halloween at Universal Studios Japan this year is absolutely great!!

You can see many zombies walking around and scare you and also they dance to the music of "Thriller" from Michael Jackson.
This show is really cool!

And Sadako from Japanese horror movie, who even horrified Hollywood, haunts major attractions one after another!!

Two attractions that made their debut last year and terrified many guests returned to the Park, and have boon upgraded in to "Jason's Blood Diner 2" and "The Mummy Museum 3" and "Biohazard" came out for the sp

The event takes place from 6:00pm to the Park closing time on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from September 13 to November 10, as well as on Thursday, October 31.

Scream out and run from zombies!!

Oct 17, 2013

Willer express cafe

I went to one coffee shop which is owned by Willer Express bus the other day.
Willer express bus is a famous bus company, they have many variety of buses!
I had no idea they have their own coffee shop in Osaka!

They have morning, lunch, coffee, sweets, and alcohol!
Alcohol is served only after 5 pm though...
They have outside seats which were pretty nice in a sunny day!
This is inside.
If you have time to wait for the bus, you can have coffee or something, it's really good place!

Willer express cafe
It's in sky building, although sky building is huge so you might have to ask somebody!

Enjoy your time there!

Oct 7, 2013

Osaka Otaku Map

I wanna recommend this Osaka map!!
This map does not show you Osaka "sightseeing spots".
Show you something interesting or strange in Osaka!

A rental bicycle shop in Nipponbashi made this map.
You can download from their web site.

Please follow this map, your trip will be more fun!!
Even Osaka people do not know this.

** If you want to rent a bicyle, you can hire at Osaka Hana Hostel!
1 hour is only 100yen.


Oct 3, 2013

Bar & Restaurant EVENT in Osaka!

Hello! This is Masae from Osaka Hana Hostel.
It is getting cooler in the morning and the evening in Japan after a super hot summer.

In Japan we say autumn is a great season to have a good appetite!

So I recommend this event to you.
It called "Honmamon Bar Event"

This type of events are held every 1 or 2month somewhere in Osaka.
Before I have no idea what they do, but I joined this event this April and I just loved it!!

What you need to join this event is

1.You purchase the tickets (multi part form)of the event in advance or on the same date.
2.On the day of the event, take the tickets and visit the restaurants or bar which join this event.
    They serve the special set menu of 1drink and 1 food!

When I joined this event, I expected I get 1 drink and some light snacks, but it was NOT!!

Each restaurant served proper food, and it was just fantastic!!
It is not only for people who drink alcohol, there are some restaurants or cafe which serves dessert and soft drink. So please don't worry if you cannot take any alcohol.

This site is written in Japanese, but this is the menu from the last bar event. for your reference:)

I was with my friends in April and we didn't make any plan, but we saw many people line up for the restaurant which serve very very good food and limited menu. We were starving so we went to udon noodle restaurant. And we got 1 big grass of beer and cold udon with fish cake tempura.
We were so surprised how big and tasty it was and it was so reasonable!!

It was the 5th bar we went.
Our last meal was a glass of beer and the Thai red curry.
The great things about this event is....

1.You can visit the bar or restaurant you have never been to or curious about it.
2.You might find the bar/ restaurant you never know. (you can be their frequent customer if you like!)
3.You don't need to worry about the cost. It has already paid in advance. So what you need is your tickets and your appetite!

The next Bar event is coming next month around Shinsaibashi (where Osaka Hana Hostel is) and Namba area in Osaka.
It called "Honmamon Bar Event" from the 10th to 13th of October!!

Please check their website as below; (sorry but all in Japanese)

You can get a tickets (4 multi part form) for 3000yen in advance and 3500yen on the same day.

In advance You reserve it on their website and receive it at the place as below:

On the same day
Tonbori River walk ticket center
Namba Marui
Osaka Daimaru

It doesn't have to be 1person for 1 set of ticket, so you can buy 1 set with your friends.
Then if you like, you can buy another one!

I know if I use 4 or 5 tickets on the same day that make me so full, but I want to try as much as we want. Last time, me and my friends were so full and we went by the river and had a rest...

We use the event map for our mattress.
Of course we use it after that.
If you have 1day unlimited Subway pass (enjoy eco card 800yen on weekday and 600yen on weekend) you can buy the ticket for 3000yen!

On the 26th of October, this event is held in "Noda & Fukushima Area" (where J-hoppers Osaka is)

Also on the 30th of November "Tenma & Tenjin Area" has this event!!

Please join this event if you like eating and drinking!
Bon appetit!! (^o^)/