Dec 28, 2009

Christmas days at J-Hoppers Osaka

How did you spend your Christmas?
We had a big Christmas party on the 23rd in J-Hoppers Osaka.
The president of J-Hoppers and the manager of Kyoto, and another staff also could come to join us, so it become a sort of year-end dinner party at the end :)

The main menu was Tomato nabe. "Nabe" is Japanese traditional winter food, but Tomato nabe is/was not! Somehow it's become popular in this year, or I can say the meals with lots of tomato are very popular in Japan now. Actually, there is Tomato ramen(noodle) restaurant near J-Hoppers Osaka. About the first time they opened, we wondered if it's good or not, but now we like it so much and it's always crowded !

Anyway, we cooked Tomato nabe with a bit anxious.. as it's the first time for us to cook here..
But it was successful! We put many succulent pork cooked with garlic,and seafoods, sausages and lots of vegetables, then all of them made delicious soup! mmm.. yum!!

Also, Sawako cooked "chili con carne(チリコンカン)" , and one of cleaner staff Sachi cooked another dish as one of appetizer. They're also so nice and we couldn't stop eating.

While we're eating, of couse, another cleaner staff Mr.Yano coudn't help showing his magic show!!

One of guest was stimulated by him and started showing her magic,too!

At the end of party, we enjoyed Pascal's handmade apple& chocolate cake with icecream!!
That taste still makes me hungry..

Well, we're a nice team, aren't we?


On the 24th, we planned to present a small gift for each guests who stayed on that day.
We bought many sweets and snacks and packed in a small cute bag.. for boys.
Because, Fumi made beautiful origami boxed for girls and we put some sweets in there.
It must be women's prerogative.. how lucky we girls are!

She did very well and worked so hard, and made 17 boxes in total!

Even when they started check-in, she was making them beside..

We're soooo glad, because we could make them smile and happy with our small gift!

Good-job, Fumi !

Thank you for everyone who shared your time with us on such a special days,
we hope you enjoyed your stay and see you next time!

Dec 27, 2009

New Year in Osaka (2009 update !)

I'm almost late for the update of the last year article (here and there) about new year events, quick !!

* At Taiyuji Temple, you can strike the bell and receive talisman (only for the 108 first ones). On the 31st at 0:00, it's free and it's here.

* At Minamimido Temple, avoid bad luck for next year by ringing the bell of the temple from 23:30 (only for the 108 first ones, but groups can ring the bell all together at once). The first 200 persons will also receive free soba noodles. It's free and it's here.

* At Aizendo Temple, avoid bad luck for next year by ringing the bell of the temple from 23:30 (only for the 108 first ones) and receive the Ema (sacred painting on a wooden tablet) of this temple. It's free and it's here.

* At Kanshinji Temple, receive a lucky charm made of Kaya to protect you all next year (only for the 600 first ones), and a sacred rice scoop (only for the 108 first ones). On the 31st, it's free and it's here.

* At Kitamido Temple, a count down with fireworks and music will start around 23:00. It's free and it's here.

* At Sky Building, big count down with light, sound, fireworks and ... 10.000 spectators expected !! From around 23:15. The 40th floor will be open too for few happy ones. It's free (except for the 40th floor, 700Y) and it's here.

* At Shitennoji Temple, avoid bad luck for next year by ringing the bell of the temple from 23:30 (only for the 108 first ones) and drink Amazake (sweet sake, only for first 1.000 ones). It's free and it's here.

* At Dainenbutsuji Temple, avoid bad luck for next year by ringing the bell of the temple from 23:30 (only for the 108 first ones) and eat Zenzai and Mochi (sweet red beans soup and sticky ball of rice, only for the first 500 ones) . It's free and it's here.

* At Nozakikannon Temple, ring the bell from 23:00 (only for the 108 first ones) and eat orange and sweat sake, or receive charms. It's free and it's here.

* At Kongoji temple in Koyasan, receive a sacred rice scoop on the 31st and 1st.

* At Tenmangu Temple, drink the Gods' Sake from 0:00. It's free and it's here.

* On board of the Santa Maria sailboat, countdown and party. Departure at 23:45 for 45mn cruise, 2500 yen. More info here (in japanese)

* At Universal Studio Japan, enjoy a very special party from 19:00 to 2:00 with a count down of course and huge fireworks. The pass for this event cost 8.900 yen. Universal Studio official website -> here.

* At Mount Kongo, climb to the summit to see the first sunrise of the year. The ropeway will be exceptionnally open from 5:00 (1300 yen). Free Sake will be offer to the first 200 ones, and free Zenzai to the first 1.000 ones. To go there : From Abenobashi st. to Shakudo St. and then to Gose st. by Kintetsu train (around 40mn, departure from Abenobashi st. at 3:36 arrival at Gose at 4:39), then 3km to the ropeway by foot, then 6mn by Ropeway (departure at 5:40), and finally 30mn of hiking to the top. The sun rises at around 7:05. As I went there last year I recommend you to read this article.

* All the most famous clubs and bars of Osaka will hold their own Countdown party of course, refer to the Kansai Scene Website for more details about clubs and lives.

Inside Osaka, be aware that everything will be crowded. If you hope to ring the bell or receive some of the free foods, go there early and with enough patience to stay in the queue for few hours in the chilly night ! To ring the bell you usually need to get a ticket which are distributed few hours before the start of the ringing. Buy tickets to events as soon as possible !

And remember that :

* The Aquarium of Osaka stay opened.
* The Castle is closed from the 28th to the 2nd.
* Universal Studio Japan stay opened.
* Tennoji zoo is closed from the 29th to the 1st.
* The Tourist Information Centers stay opened.
* The Umeda Sky Building is exceptionnaly opened from 5:00 in the morning on the first if you want to see the first sunrise of the year.
* Namba Parks is closed on the 1st.
* National Museum of Art is closed from the 14th of December to the 15th of January
* Municipal Museum of Art is closed from the 29th to the 3th
* The Tsutenkaku Tower stays opened.
* Most of the restaurants are closed. It's better going to chains like (near J-Hoppers Osaka) Machikadouya, Yoshinoya, Cocoichiban, ... (Traditionnally Japanese eat at home a dish called Osechi, cooked or ordered in advance)
* Convenient stores stay opened.
* Department stores around Osaka Station : HEP Five is closed from the 31st to the 1st, Hankyu Dept Store is closed on the 1st, Hanshin Dept Store is closed on the 1st, Yodobashi Camera stay opened, ...
* Transportations keep running, but with lower frequency.

All the J-Hoppers Osaka staff wish the best ever New Year Day !!!

Dec 21, 2009

Funny event in Osaka

Some japanese rituals may looks quite strange for foreigners eyes ... That's probably the best ones to look for during your trip in Japan. Then, don't miss the Shimenawa Shinji ! It takes place at Hiraoka shrine on the 25th of December. From Tsuruhashi St. (on the Osaka loop line) take the Kintetsu Nara Line anbd get off at Hiraoka St. (440 yen, 20mn). After repalcing the sacred rope that mark the border between dirty world and pure shrine, priests will laugh loudly to scare the devils ! Don't hesitate to laugh with them for your own fortune ;-)

Dec 19, 2009

Let's go to see Penguin Parade!

Penguin Parade at Kaiyukan, The Osaka Aquarium

The King Penguins appear and march in the forecourt of the aquarium.

Date : December 18th, 2009 to January 8th, 2010 (Every Day)
January 9th, 2010 to February 7th, 2010 (Only on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
Time : 11:30-/13:30-/15:30- (for 20 minutes)
Venue : Event Plaza in front of the Kaiyukan Building
Admission Fee : Free

Dec 10, 2009


Are you ready for Christmas??
Here in Osaka,there are a lot of illuminations events in this month and we'd like to show some of them today.

*Sky building
-There is the HUGE Christmas tree just under the building!
They are also having German Christmas market.

*Renaissance of Light in Osaka
-only 10 minutes walk from J-Hoppers Osaka


*Universal Studios Japan Wonder Christmas

*Illumination Cruise Service

*WTC Chrismas Illumination

The last one is not in Osaka, it's in Kobe.
But it's very famous and big event in this season!
*Kobe Luminarie*
This event is requiem of Great Hanshin earthqueke.

So, get your warm clothes and go to the town!!

Dec 5, 2009

Christmas Party on the 23rd !

We are having Christmas Party at J-Hoppers Osaka on the 23rd of December!
It's not Christmas yet? Don't care !
We will try to cook NEW menu and it will be the first time for us ..
Keep your fingers crossed for us, though it should not be difficult !

Also, please tell us if you have any nice ideas/menu which make our party much more fun.

We see you then!

Dec 4, 2009

We've just been ranked by Hostelworld customers as the 10th best hostel in all Asia for November 2009 !!
Shall we bless our manager Ken who looks like the famous baseball outfielder Ichiro as like as two peas in a pod ? Shall we bless our saint Noriko who brings us enlighted peace from each of her pilgrimage ? Shall we bless our cute Sawako and her gorgeous brush paintings gallery ? Shall we bless our crazy Pascal and his frightening french humour ? Or maybe that's thank to the almost world famous magical 999 show of Mister Yano ?
Anyway we'll keep on working hard to provide you the best quality of service and the most enjoyable stay in our guesthouse !

Dec 2, 2009

Let's go to Minoo !

Minoo is a small village in the mountain north from Osaka. It's very easy access as you can get there by Hankyu train from Umeda Station in less than 30mn. Take the Takarazuka line and change at Ishibashi Station for the Minoo line, 260 yen. If you're looking for some green while you're staying at Osaka that's the perfect location ! An easy walk along the river will lead you to a big waterfall. Those who would enjoy more walking can also escape in the mountain thanks to many hiking courses. In the small village don't forget to buy some chestnuts, and the local speciality : fried maple leaves. Take care to your bags as monkeys are numerous and try to steal all what they see.

This old house is now a cafe which serves delicious cakes !

Of course there are some temples on the way.

Happy monkey stole an orange. Don't try to give them food, you'll get a fine of 10.000 yen !

Old bridge over the river.

So many differents greens, reds and yellows !

The Minoo waterfall.

Gorgeous !