Jun 28, 2015

Q-pot×Sailor Moon

Have you watched Sailor Moon?
I used to watch Sailor Moon alot when I was a little girl!
I loved it ,I got many goods of them.

Sailor Moon is getting popular again lately!
We have accessory shop which is called  Q-pot in Lucua Osaka.
Sailor Moon and Q-pot made some goods and accessories together!!!

Lucua is like this now!
If you like Sailor Moon, check this event!!!!

Jun 25, 2015

Star festival

You can enjoy the beautiful view of illuminated temple building, pagodas, a bamboo grass tunnel(27meter long) and an artificial Milky Way will appear at Shitennoji Temple!
Place: Shitennoji
Date: July 5th-7th
Fee: Admission free
       for charity candle 100yen/tanzaku 100yen

Jun 8, 2015

fireflies in Osaka!

Now June is the rainny season and one of the attractions of this season is firefly.
 Mainly they live near beautiful river.

Surprisingly we can see them in center of Osaka!!
The place is in Umeda Sky Building at Nakashizen no mori in Shin-umeda city(sky building), 2000 firefly are flown.


This is so amazing!!:D

Date : Between 12th to 21st of June.
Time : After sunset till 10pm
Fee : For free!!

Jun 6, 2015

Have you tried Japanese Sake? Please come to Hana Sake Bar at Shinsaibashi, Osaka!

Hello, This is Masae from Osaka Hana Hostel!

We are happy to announce that Japanese Sake bar has opened on the 1st floor or our hostel!!

It is called " Hana Sake Bar".

Hideko practiced to serve the beer.

I've got the fist beer she served

with 3 kinds Vegetarian food
It's so good!
If you never had Sake before,
I would like you to try Sake tasting set.
You can choose 3 different kind of Sake for 1000yen!
I love this atmosphere!

With our guests :)
Last Saturday (on the 30th of May) . We had the opening party.
So many people gathered to celebrate it! I really had a good time.
I just love this place

Outside view

The owner Iida-san also works as waiter sometime.
How cool is that!!
I really hope this bar will be loved by many people.
It is going to be very hard for me to leave work not to stop by the bar :)
Please enjoy Japanese Sake @ Hana Sake Bar!!

Jun 4, 2015

Hydrangea at Katsuo-ji Temple

Hydrangea at Katsuo-ji Temple 
The water of the Kannonike pond in the temple reflects the colors of the hydrangea around the pond. The overwhelming number of the flowers on the street between the pond and the main temple will create a beautiful scene in the rain season.

Katsuo-ji Temple
〒562-8508 Katsuoji, Minoo, Osaka
SCHEDULE Early June - Mid July
FEE Adults 400yen
Kids 200yen
INQUIRIES Name : Katsuo-ji Temple
TEL : 072-721-7010