Feb 26, 2013


A owner of one guesthouse, KaminoRo, organizes Sake tasting event which is called Sakenoro!
The ower has a license of Sake tasting and he wants to show Sake culture, how to make Sake, and history.

This is event is mostly for foreigners who visit Japan so all English!!!
You can try 4 different Sake and some small snakcs.

Please check this website out!

Place: Shu(Osaka Umeda)
Fee: JPY1,000
(Special price for March/included 4 tastings of selected sake)
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Date: Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Frida yand Saturday

Please make reservation through website! Only 10 peole can join this event each time!

Feb 22, 2013

Plum Festival @ Expo Park

Plum Festival at the Natural and Cultural Gardens of Expo Park!

date: Feb. 14th- Mar.10 (close on Wednesday)
time:  930-17:00
where: Natural and Cultural Gardens

The forest has about 700 trees of 126 varieties.
The Natural and Cultural Gardens have an area of about 99 hectares.
The gardens are well endowed with nature.
There are some events during the festival.

The Natural and Cultural Gardens have various kinds of enjoyable spots such as
the forest foot bath, Museum of Ethnology, and tea presentation.
You will have fun time as well as relax in green scenery of spring!

Feb 14, 2013

Northern lights in Osaka

Have you ever seen Northern lights?
It's a beautiful phenomenon of the earth.

I wanna experience them before I die.

But it's really far and expensive to go to the place.
I need more time and money!!!

But I found where I can see Northern lights in Osaka.

You can see them in Osaka science museum.

Planetarium projects a million stars and Northern lights in a room and it's amazing beautiful.

It's only 600yen. You can't miss it!!

Feb 2, 2013

Get Osaka T shirts :)

I buy T shirts for my presents and memories while traveling.
It is funny and makes everybody happy :)
Of course I have Osaka T shirts because I am from Osaka.
I really love this city :)

This T shirt says " Nande yanen!! This is a Osaka dialect.
Meaning is no way! how come? you must be joking. no kidding.

These are also Osaka dialect.
Yellow one says " It's OK, it's OK".
Black one says " I am looking for a keeper" , pretending a homeless dog.
He he he...!

This is a simple! I like it★

 When you visit Osaka, please get one. I m sure it will be a good present!
You can buy it in Dotombori, Aquarium and stations.  Thank you: )