Jan 31, 2010


Here I introduce an event called Setsubun, the bean-throwing holiday which comes on the 3rd of February.

On February 3rd, some costumed men, wearing oni (demon or ogre) masks, go around scaring everyone by sneaking up on them from behind and shouting “aaarrgghh” loudly into their ears.

Another amusing part of this holiday is, anime heroines, sexy nurses, Geisha, Maiko and Kabuki costumes can be seen after dark on the brightly lit streets of Kitashinchi in Umeda. This is a very special tradition which is unknown outside the Kansai area. Something like Halloween, wearing variety of costumes during this time is meant to ward off evil spirits.

DATE : February 3rd

PLACE : Around Dojima Yakushido (Dojima/Kitashinchi Area)
*20 minutes walk from J-Hoppers Osaka Central


Jan 7, 2010

DOYADOYA festival

What is "DOYADOYA" ??

"DOYADOYA" is one of the three major Japanese unusual festivals carried on in Shitennoji Temple
in Osaka. Ritual held on the wish summation (last) day of Shushoe (Buddhist ritual to pray for good luck in the year) starting from Jan 1.
A solemn ritual in the temple hall, while young men clad only in loincloth and headband bravely struggle for banknotes in front of the hall.

Here are photos which one of our guest took last year.

It's definitely rare chance to look such tons of semi-naked Japanese guys and feel their soul in so cold winter..

It's held on the 14th of January, Thursday, in Shitennoji Temple.
Start from 14:30.