Nov 16, 2012

Twilight Fantasy @ JR Osaka Station

Twilight Fantasy ~Illumination and Orchestra~

will be held at Osaka Station City  from today the 16th of November!!!

I went there yesterday to see how it looks like.
They are ready for the Lighting Ceremony for today!

on the 5F of JR Osaka Station, at Toki- no Hiroba Plaza
It looks beautiful without any illumination!!
You can enjoy music and lllumination together and it will be held until the end of Janurary.

This place is roofed, so you don't have to worry about the weather and it's free!!

Please drop by if you have any chance to go to JR Osaka Station or Subway Umeda Station!

When:  the 16th of November(Friday)~ the 20th of Janurary(Sunday)

Time: 17:00 ~23:00

Place: Osaka Station City Northgate and Southgate side & Toki-no Hiroba

Admission Free

Nov 6, 2012

Hokusai (Ukiyoe) exhibition is here in OSAKA !

Many of you imagine Hokusai's Famous Ukiyoe 『Great wave of Kanagawa』 or 『South wind, clear sky』 when you imagine about 'Japan' 'Mt. Fuji' etc...

Now you can see Hokusai's arts before your eyes in OSAKA!!

When: 30th of October till 9th of December 2012.
Time: 9:30 ~ 17:00
Entry: 1,300 yen
Where: Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts @ Tennoji

Please enquire the Discount Voucher print out at the reception !! (1,300yen→1,200yen)