Jul 17, 2011

Osaka koku Passport

Osaka is very hot now!

Please come to Osaka and do shopping!
Actually, a wonderful discount system has been started since this April in Osaka!

This system's name is Osaka koku Passport.
If you buy something in a member's store, earning points and using them as a discount.

You do not need a difficult procedure.
A mobile phone with IC chip or IC traffic transport card will be a point card.

Some restaurants close to J-hoppers are also available.

This is a very good idea★
You try to do shopping in Osaka area, earing and using points.

Effective term is 1 year.
Everyone can join it!
Please come to Osaka :)


Jul 14, 2011

International Exchange Party+Nagashi somen+α

We J-hoppers Osaka have International Party on every Friday these days, and we will have "Nagashi somen" also on this Friday - mean, tomorrow, the 15th!

What is "Nagashi somen"? ... it's "flowing somen".
What is "Somen"? ... it's one of Japanese noodle, but not ramen, not udon, not soba..
How do you eat it??
... Well, just come and see what we're doing!
Actually, it's my first time to try by myself, so I can't exactly explain yet... haha.

Also, many summer festivals are starting from this week, include "Tenjin Matsuri festival"which is one of biggest festival in Japan.
In Minami area(near Namba and Shinsaibashi) has variety,too.
See this website and check their schedule!

Ittoko Minami (in English)