Dec 24, 2014

Christmas Party @ J-hoppers Osaka

Merry Christmas!!

We have International Exchange Party every Friday.
And next party on the 26th December will be big party as Christmas Party!

You guys can join us:D

The fee is 1000yen include one drink and meal. (If you are staying with us it's FREE)
It will start from 7pm!

Let's have fun together!!!

Dec 21, 2014

Universal Studio Japan

Universal Studio Japan is one of high recommend tourist attractions in Osaka!

Their performance is amazing, especially Xmas one.

I recommend you to see their night show.
It is really nice.
Although you need extra fee, its worth it!
X mas tree is the best in the world.

Please get information on their HP.

Access from Osaka Hana Hostel....
Please take subway Midoh suji line and go to Umeda.
Then change to JR loop line and go to Nishikujyo station.
Take Yumesaki line and get off at Universal city station.

Thank you so much!!

Dec 20, 2014

Osaka Castle 3D Mapping Super Illumination

Super Illumination is coming for the 2nd year with the most spectacular of lighting and sound shows, through 3D mapping projections onto the massive historical castle monument of Osaka!

【Where to get ticket?】
・Same-day tickets are sold at Nishinomaru garden entrance.

・Standard tickets (Both of advance and same-day ticket) are sold in Osaka City Visitors Information Center Namba or Umeda.
※English available

・Advance tickets are sold on official website(Japanese website), convenience stores, in various travel agencies such as HIS, JTB, Kintetsu International, Nippon Travel Agency etc .

Place: Osaka Castle, Nishinomaru Garden
Schedule: December 13th, 2014 - March 1st, 2015
Fee: Standard ticket) Regular days 1700 yen
                             Specific days 2100 yen

        Premium ticket) Regular days 3100 yen
                              Specific days 3600 yen

Nov 24, 2014

Food event in Osaka, Temma!

You can enjoy nice food with 500yen coin only!!

First, you pay 1000yen to join.
Then you can get super discounted price at 48 restaurants.

Also, people who join this events have a band!
It shows what kind of feeling you have.
Pink means you look for a partner, he he!

This event is held from today, the 24th of Nov ( Mon ) to the 30th of Nov (Sun).
Let's eat a lot of nice food~!!!

Nov 23, 2014

Osaka Ilumination @ Midosuji 2014

Hello! This is Masae from Osaka Hana Hostel.

It' getting cold in Osaka and it is hard to get out from the bed in the morning....

But this is my favorite season in a year!!

Mido-suji Illumination 2014 is going to start from the 1st of December!
Mido-suji Avenue is the famous and it is knows as the main street in Osaka which run from North to South.
And under Midosuji Avenue, there is Subway called Midosuji subway runs.

You can see it near Osaka Hana Hostel!

Illumination used to be started from Honmachi area (5minutes walk from Osaka Hana Hostel) , so our guests need to walk a little bit to see them.

Sometime of our guests didn't know there was illumination and it was so pity...
So I recommend them to walk there to see it. It is worth to see it.

BUT from this year, they extend the lights to Namba Station (southern station from Shinsaibashi), so you can see it at Shinsaibashi!

I am so excited about this event!
This light towards to Yodoyabashi area about 3km. 

Also more illumination event is held in Osaka!

Mido-suji Illumination 2014
●Date : Dec. 1 (Mon), 2014 - Jan. 18 (Sun), 2015
●Time : Around 17:00 - 23:00

Please keep you warm and enjoy these event!

Nov 22, 2014

Ramen Expo in Osaka December 2014 !!!

Ramen Expo 2014

Which food come up to your mind if you heard "Japan's Soul food"?!
Ramen is not a popular food for only Japanese people, now you can find Ramen restaurants everywhere all over the world.
It comes in a variety of flavors, with numerous toppings and at different prices.
Ramen Expo brings together noodle dishes from all over the country from Hokkaido to Fukuoka, offers visitors the chance to taste any of them, all at the same price.


Ramen Expo 2014

Ramen expo held for 3 period as below:
1st Period: December 11 - December 14
2nd Period: December 19 - December 21
3rd Period: December 22 - December 25
Each period has new 12 booth. Try lots of flavor as much as you can!

SCHEDULE 1st Period: December 11 – December 14
2nd Period: December 19 – December 21
3rd Period: December 22 – December 25

10:00 to 21:00 (Last call 20:30 )
FEE 1 cup of Ramen : 800yen

■Admission Fee to EXPO'70 Commemorative Park
Adult: 250yen
Elementary and junior high school student: 70 yen

Oct 28, 2014

Halloween event at Hirakata park

Halloween is coming, we didn't do anything for Halloween before, but it's changing now.
Many people wear costume and have a party or just hang out and take pictures!

If you wanna see a lot of people in costume in Osaka, you should go to Dotonbori!!!
Must be really really fun!

The event I want to introduce is good for family.
It's in Hirakata park.

There are many giant pumpkins!
You can make jack o'lanter, wear costumes!
Hirakata park
Untill the 3rd of November (Monday)
10am to 5 pm

Please enjoy♪

Oct 21, 2014

Osaka Marathon

One of the biggest Marathon in Japan!!
30,000 people run around Osaka.
Start from Osaka Castle Park, run through Dotonbori, Midosuji, Nakanoshima area,
Kyocera Dome, Tsutenkaku, and more.

Place: Start:) Osaka Castle Park    Goal) Intex Osaka
Date: Oct 26th
Fee: Free

Oct 10, 2014


YOSAKOI is a traditional Japanese pop dance!
It is very exciting! Enthusiastic dance make you crazy!
The sound of bells and Japanese drams is also great!
I can spend whole day to see this dance! 

You can see their performance for free!!
This festical is held on the 18th and 19th of October at Kansai Air Port/ Rinku!!
Please check their official HP :)

開催日程 第11回泉州YOSAKOI ゑぇじゃないか祭り

img MUST CHECK!! High recommended!!

Oct 9, 2014

Noritake Kinashi Exhibition

“Noritake Kinashi x 20 Years - Inspiration - The Curiosity of the Moment”



Moving between the paths of TV show talent and painter Noritake Kinashi has continued to produce art work for 20 years, crossing a variety of tastes from bold colors and forms to intricate subtleties, his work always enthuses a feeling of freshness and freedom.

  Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
1-1-1 Wakihama Kaigandori, Chuo-ku, Kobe 651-0073, Japan

Opening Hours 
(entrance permitted until 17:30)
-Friday and Saturday during Special Exhibitions
10:00-20:00 (entrance permitted until 19:30)


From Hanshin Iwaya Station
-Walk about 8 min
From JR Nada Station's South Exit
-Walk about 10 min
From Hankyu Railway
Oji Koen Stations West Exit
-Walk about 15 min

Sep 22, 2014

Prayer room in JR Osaka staton

New prayer room opens in JR Osaka station on the 22nd of October 2014.
It is a big news for me because nobody expected it!

I was not surprised when Kansai International airport opened prayer rooms.
Because it is normal for international airports.

Osaka is changing to be an international.
( Cannot believe it 10 years ago)

We hope more people come to my town!!
I want to do all my best for visitors!

Welcome to Osaka!!!

Sep 20, 2014

The best Buta-man (steamed bun with meat filling) in Osaka! 551

Have you ever tried Buta-man (Niku-man)?
You can find them near the register of Convenience store (Lawson, Seven Eleven, Family Mart etc)
And it is so nice to have them when it gets cold. It is our fast food.

There is one shop I would like to recommend you to have Buta-man shop.
It's called HORAI .

We normally called them Niku-man (steamed bun with meat filling),
but for HORAI Nikuman is called BUTA MAN. (Buta means pork in Japanese. )

They are also famous by calling 551 (go go ichi)!

This is their logo, if you see it please try it!
I searched why they are called 551, and found it was the telephone number they used to have,
and also means "Koko ga ichiban", "This place is the best." in Japanese.

They have various menu for take out.

Buta-man (Steamed bun with meat filling)
I need to say this is the best one I have had.
2 for 340yen

Shumai 10piece for 650yen
Gyoza 10piece for 300yen
meat ball with sweet sour sause
1pack - 10piece for 300yen

They have many brunch in Osaka. They are reasonable and taste so good.

I always buy and eat them when I travel by Shinkansen (bullet train).
Also it is good for souvenir for my parents in Hiroshima. They also love it!
I am getting hungry now....

I hope you enjoy Osaka food 551 !!

Aug 31, 2014

Dotombori Glico man became a beautiful girl till Autamn!!!

Yes Dotombori's Iconic Glico Man neon is out for refreshing make over for a next few month.

BUT don't be disappointed!!

You will see more beautiful girl !!!  (Haruka Ayase)

Aug 24, 2014

Kishiwada Danjiri Festival

The biggest Festival in Osaka, a traditional event is that commenced about 300 years ago to wish for a bountiful grain harvest.
A danjiri is an ornately decorated wheeled float that is drawn during the festival.
People ride inside and on top of it and playing music.

Place: Around Kishiwada station and Hruki station of Nankai Line
Schedule: Sep 13 - 14

Aug 21, 2014

Harry Potter in USJ

Wizarding World Harry Potter was just opened in Universal Studio Japan last month!!

It's the hottest place in Osaka now.

I've been there before it officially opened and it was fantastic!!

You need to get the ticket to get in the Harry Potter's area from the machine near the Jaws area.

Once you get in the area,  you can feel Harry Potter's world and feel like you are an inhabitant of the world!!

Hogwarts castle is an iconic feature of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Inside Hogwarts castle you'll explore the classrooms and corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, including Dumbledore's Office and the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom.

 You’ll also enjoy the world’s best attraction, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, featuring cutting-edge 4K imaging technology.

You'll go on a magical journey through the skies, flying above the Hogwarts grounds with Harry Potter.

There are also nice dining place where you can try "Butter Beer" seeing the Hogwarts castle.

In Hogsmeade, a village where wizards reside, there is an array of shops frequented by students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

In Honeydukes, you’ll find sweets from the Harry Potter stories, including Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans and Chocolate Frogs from Honeydukes.

Step inside Ollivanders, a small, dusty shop, and choose from a full array of wands, or purchase replicas of the Harry Potter film characters’ wands, Collectible wand sets and more.

 Be under Harry's spell!

Aug 15, 2014

Summer Fiesta in Minoh Park 2014

During the festival period, the Mino Waterfall will be illuminated, creating a cool atmosphere that is different from usual!
Mino park is famous place for the turn leaves but illuminated is also pretty!

They have two restaurants along to a liver!
These are also pretty nice!
Must be nice lunch or dinner with seeing the liver!
Please check.
It's in Mino park!

Aug 2, 2014

The Famous cheese tart PABLO cafe opened in Dotombori!!

It has been 2years since PABLO (famous cheese tart shop) was opened in Shinsaibashi Shopping Street! And it's been so popular!!


They only had a tart shop , so you could only buy them and eat at home...


They opened the CAFE near Dotombori on the 27th of June!! 
So you can enjoy their cake and drink over there!!

You can enjoy their original cakes and also they have a different flavor cakes which only available at the cafe!
Cheese tart 680yen (includes tax)

Chocolate 870yen (includes tax)
Maccha (green tea) 870yen (includes tax)
I wonder how maccha cheese tart taste like!
There is small mochi(rice cake) inside the cake!

They have variety of drink menu as follows;

It is near Dotombori Street. We will show you how to get there:)

Address : 2-3-15 Shinsaibashi suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka 
Operation Hour  /11:00~22:00(Food L.O.21:00, Drink L.O.21:30)

We hope you enjoy new PABLO Cafe!!!

Jul 28, 2014


Bunraku, puppets show is one of Japanese traditional performing culture.
Puppets are operated by three puppeteers.
They focuse on the movements and expressions of the puppets!
If you want to watch Bunraku, I recommend " Family Summer Holiday Show"
The story is easy and fun.
They speak modern language for kids. And there are subtitle too :)

I recommend Bunraku a lot :) Japanese performing really.amazing! It is very difficult to play like this!

Jun 26, 2014

Milky Way

Heisei Osaka Legend of the Milky Way

On July 7th, the beautiful Milky Way full of LED light of hope appears in Nakanoshima, Osaka, for just one day.

Place: The Okawa ・Tenmabashi Area (Kawasaki Bridge〜Nakanoshima Kensaki Park)
Date: July 7th

Jun 23, 2014

The Star Festival in Shitennoji

To celebrate Tanabata (the traditional Japanese star festival), a bamboo grass tunnel and an artificial Milky Way will be created at Shitennoji Temple.

 The tunnel will be 25m long and the Milky Way made with brilliant LEDs.
 If you walk through the bamboo grass tunnel decorated with tanzaku (colorful strips of paper on which people write their wishes), your wish might be heard by the stars.

On July 5 & 6, the venue will be lined with street stalls. There will also be various events, including a concert, an astronomical viewing session, and lectures relating to stars.
(Some events will be charged.) On July 8, a fire ritual will be held at the temple to burn the tanzaku.

Fee : Admission Free
For charity: Candle 100 yen, Shitennoji tanzaku 100 yen
Schedule : July 5 to 8, 2014

Jun 9, 2014


A “Wrapped Train" was born on June 1, 2014 and runs in Osaka Loop Line.
Each car was designed by 8 artists with different theme related to Osaka.
①History ②Land mark ③Food ④ Power spot ⑤ Nature ⑥Traditional ⑦ Local place
⑧Sighseeing place

I took this train by chance it was pretty colorful and make people happy!

Which one is your favorite?

Jun 6, 2014

Rice Planting Ritual @ Sumiyoshi Shrine in Osaka

Have you heard about "Sumiyoshi Shrine" ?
It's famous shrine for one of the oldest one in Japan.
And it's known for one of most visited shrines in the country on New years day.
About 2million people visit here!! 
On the 14th of June, they will have "Rice Planting Ritual".
You can see the people in constume and how to plant rice seeding in the fields in old days.
At the end of the event, you will see the famous rice planting dance and Sumiyoshi dance by 150 girls!
Place: Sumiyoshi taisya shrine
Date: the 14th of June
Time: 13:00~
Acccess: "Sumiyoshi Taisha Station" on the Nankai Main Line from Namba
or By Hankai Tramway Uemachi Line from Tennoji and get off at "Sumiyoshikoen Station"
It must be a great experience!
And we hope you enjoy it!!