Feb 29, 2012

Mr.Yano Tour

We have Mr. Yano free tour every Wednesday morning!
Those who went to this tour said that his tour is pretty amazing and quite fun.
Mr. Yano can show you around how cool Osaka can be.
Basically, he takes you to the longest shopping street in Japan and Maid cafe.
check out our facebook! you can seee the pics of the tour.

Meet at the reception at 9:30 Wednesday morning!

Mr. Yano will show you around Osaka!!

Feb 28, 2012

Spa World

Spa World is really amazing.

It is a tourist attraction of spa and pool!
I am sure you have a fantastic time there!

It is popular because you can enjoy soaking and seeing the views in the world.
There are many spa there and change Asia zone and Europe zone every month.
Please check the website!

I had stayed there over 4 hours.
You need 1 day if you wanna spend time in the pool.
( Rental swimming wear as 530yen)

You don't have to bring anything:)
There are free towls, soap, combs, body towels...!
Just watch out your tattoo!
Tattoo is strictly prohibited.

Admission fee: 900yen if you get a discount.
You must visit here!