May 14, 2015

Beer festival is coming!! Osaka Oktoberfest 2015

Hello!! This is Haru from Osaka Hana Hostel :)

I think everyone knows the biggest beer festival of the world called Munich Oktoberfest.


I didn’t like beer before… But when I visited Munich while I had traveled around the world, I just went to the beer hall to have an experience for drinking real German beer.

I was so surprised and impressed !! Because the taste of German beer was super delicious!!! 

I have never drunk wonderful beer like that…Especially, sausages and a side of Sauerkraut really go well with beer. 


If you don’t like beer like me, please try German beer!! Even if I’m a Japanese, strongly I recommend it.


Germany is so far from Asian countries, and need a lot of money for traveling…but we have a chance. Because Osaka will hold Oktoberfest 2015 in Nagai Park!!

On the stage, live performance of a band from Germany will make you sing and dance with other people next to you. 

Mainly German fresh beers from barrels, many kind of beers and German foods such as sausages and pretzels will be sold at shop.



Even though here is Osaka, you can feel Germany. 

If you join this festival, you can enjoy a party night in Osaka!! I'm sune ;)




Placa: Nagai Park  〒546-0034 1-23 Nagaikoen, Higashisumiyoshi Ward, Osaka

Schedule: May 15( Fri )~31( Sun )

                    Mon-Fri 15:00-21:00/ Sat,Sun and public holiday 11:00-21:00

Entrance fee: 200yen ※Free for elementary school student or younger

other: Not allowed to bring any food and beverage