Dec 30, 2011

Osaka illumination events

Illumination events are very popular in winter season :)
Osaka has some events so please check them!

① Hikari-Renaissance
Actually this event finished on Dec 25/2011..
But it was very great! Osaka city hall was illuminated with 3D movement.
You can see from this web site.

This building is very old, but very nice architecture.
This is the symbol of Nakanoshima area.

Not only this, you can enjoy musical concerts, food, and cruise in this event.

②Midohsuji illumination

This illumination has hold by the 22nd of January ( Sunday).
Midohsuji, the main road of Osaka is light-upped like this about 2 kilometers from Yodoyabashi to Nagahori.

We hope you have a romantic night in Osaka (^v^)/★ A happy new year~~!

Dec 5, 2011

Event information @J-Hoppers Osaka

It has been a bit weird weather since last month, sometimes super cold, sometimes very warm.. but anyway, it's December, the busiest time to end/welcome New Year.

We are also busy for parties.. please check out our regular events;

Wednesday morning: Local walking tour
Try a 'cos-play' or maid cafe (costume fancy dress cafe) ?
Wanna try Pachinko? One of our staff will plan a tour course so that guests can enjoy it!

Wednesday evening : Izakaya(Japanese style bar) party
Osakan Occhan(old guy)Mr.Yano takes you to Izakaya.. who can beat him?!!

Thursday early evening : Kimono Experience
The Japanese instructor will dress you up in Kimono, and take a walk for photos.

Friday evening : International Exchange Party
J-Hoppers Osaka will become the bar every Friday.

Sunday evening : Izakaya(Japanese style bar) party
Again, Mr.Yano takes you to Izakaya.. how much can he drink?? Ask him in person!

Also, we will do special events with Friday party this month:
9th : Korean food party
We invite a Korean friend and she will cook real Korean food !
16th:Takoyaki party
Takoyaki is a famous food in Osaka- it's fun to make by yourself!
23rd: Christmas party
We had so much fun last year - it was Beer pong! Kohei will organize it this year again, join "Beer pong World cup"!!

That's all.. please see the event schedule for more details.

We can't wait having fun with you !!