Nov 23, 2017


Syoren-in is located in the middle of two important temple (Heian Jingu & Yasaka Shrine), it was a really surprised to find such a nice and quiet temple in Kyoto.The garden is gorgeous and you can sit an contemplate it from an inside (and warm) room.  Totally worth it !

October 29 –December 4, 2011
Opening hours
18.00–22.00 (Entry accepted until 21.30)
Admission fees
Individuals: Adults, 800 yen; Grade 18 students and Younger Pupils ,400yen

Groups (over 30) :Adults, 700 yen; High School students, 350 yen; Middle school students, 300 yen; Younger Pupils , 200 yen

Nov 12, 2017

Expo Park Autumn Foliage Festival

Natural culture garden and Japanese garden in Expo park is the one of the places to must-visit to for spectacular autumn foliage .
More than 10000 trees, 20 kind of them such as maples, ginkos, taxodium distichums , acer buergerianum and others , are ablaze with autumnal tints.
During this autumn foliage festival, several special events are held.

PLACE 〒565-0826 Senri EXPO Park, Suita City
SCHEDULEEarly November - Early December, 2017
9:30 - 17:00(Entry till 16:30)
FEENatural culture garden・Japanese garden
Adult 250 yen
Elementary and Junior high school student 70 yen
INQUIRIESName : Expo Park
TEL : 06-6877-7387