Nov 3, 2009

Rare occasion to enjoy japanese old culture in Osaka

It's called Tanada Yume Akari and will took place in Chihaya Akasakamura Omori, Osaka on the Nov 7
The rice terraces have been kept since the 14th century in this village, and on this day they will be illuminated with 2,000 candles. Fee rice balls, zenzai (sweet dessert) and pork soup offered to the first 300 people accepted!
Time: 5pm-8pm (postponed until Nov 8 in case of rain).
Getting there: Kintetsu Railway Osaka line, Tondabayashi stn, bus to Chihaya-akasaka Chugakuko-mae.
Admission: free
Tel: 0721-72-1447.

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