Oct 28, 2010

Evenings of Traditional Osaka Performing Arts

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday evening, there is the show which you can enjoy 4 kinds of traditional arts in Osaka, for example, Noh, Bunraku, kyogen, Rakugo, Geisya dance etc. ..
They are difficult to understand for even our Japanese people, but in this show, an comedian(Rakugo-ka) translates each show, so you can understand easily with laughing!
Also, they give you a reference materials in English,Chinese and Korean, and free right food(steamed rice and green tea).

Why don't you try to learn them, instead of night clubbing??

Place: Yamamoto Noh gakudo
Access: Walk from Subway Tanimachi 4 chome station
Admission fee: from 3500 yen


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