Nov 27, 2010

kobe luminarie 12/2(THU)~12/13(MON)

I introduce Kobe luminarie which is a beautiful illuminations although this is a autumn leaves season.

Kobe luminarie - stands for the requiem for the victims at the Great Earthquake in Kobe - January 17, 1995.
This a great illumination event in short!

This scale is amazing and known as sculpture art of lights.

They call the street with illuminations toward the main event frontone, or front door adornments made by lights.
As you pass the street, you might feel to reach the Haven.

I recommend visiting there anyway!

This event is held in Kobe, Hyogo prefecture.
Please get off at JR Motomachi station (East exit).

Sannomiya station is also close to it, however
you need to head to Motomachi station on food because frontone is one-way street.

From Motomachi station, please go to the south and turn left at the corner of Mitsubishi
UFJ trust bank.
Frontone appears soon!

Heading there on weekdays is recommendable.
Admission fee is free!

However they are in the red... so please donate to them if you like.

Held on DEC 2(THU)~13(MON) in 2010 from evening to night.

Many stands are placed around the main park.
I bought luminarie's stamps last year.

I m sure you have a good time there!

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