Mar 8, 2011

Nipponbashi Street Festa 2011

Akihabara... in Tokyo, then, in Osaka.. Nipponbashi ?!

A shopping district known for its electronics stores, Nipponbashi, colloquially named Den-Den town, will hold a large-scale gala day again this year.

The main street will be vehicle-free, and the festival program features a wide range of events all specially created for this event on the theme of ‘Made in Nipponbashi’. The town is also known for its many shops that specialise in Japanese otaku subculture: animation, comic books, maid cafes and collect­able computer items. You will see performances by robots, live music, demonstrations of computer graphic-art and all the fun of modern Japan.

They made their English website this year!

There is also on the same day in the same location, a fun otaku-style ‘cosplay’ parade (people in cartoon-character costumes), and a brass band from the Osaka Prefectural Police.

The crowds and the atmosphere will make Den Den Town.


P.S. Here is the report by one of our staff in last year.

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