Apr 15, 2011


We organize "Kimono lesson" on every Thursday for our guests.

Kimono instructor comes and dresses you up.. we have 2 kimonos, but sorry, not for men at the moment..

anyway, she dresses you up in Kimono in the TV lounge, and you can take photos there of course,

but if the weather is fine and you have a time, why don't you take a walk to the small shrine?

It's about 5 minutes walk to get there, and we are located on the local shopping street, so you may go to a cafe or shopping little bit.. you can enjoy as you like.

*Every Thursday afternoon, 15:00-17:00
*Reservation required / Maximum 2 females (Sorry, men!)
*Fee : FREE

Please feel free to ask the schedule, it's sometimes possible to arrange except Thursday.

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