May 30, 2012

LCC. Peach Aviation

I tried to board a Peach's plane.
Peach is the first LCC in Japan.

You can enjoy your flight though price is reasonable.
But you have to take a notice if you are boarding at kansai International airport (KIX).

First, you need to head to Aeroplaza, a building located on the opposite site to the main terminal.
You do check-in and security check there.

You can check-in with this marchine.

Second, you pass a security check.
After that, you get on a bus which take you to the airport.
It is a bit strange, because you are going to board a plane from the Aeroplaza.
The bus go through the heavy gate and reach you to the plane.

Flight was OK, the same as other airlines.
I hope you get more chances to come to Osaka with this LCC!

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