Jul 15, 2012

Shiki Theatrical Company

Shiki Theatrical Company

I went to see A DREAM WITH  IN DREAM on the 14th of July.
Actually I am a big fan of  Shiki Theatrical Company!
I watched CATS first time when I was a high school student an I felt OMG they are totally cats!
The way they move was CATS. I like songs and dance!

I also have watched MAMMA MIA! It was the story of a mom and a daughter. I was touched and laughed! It is my favorite.

A DREAM WITH  IN DREAM is the story about Piko, an adventurous girl, is guided into the haunted house there by a mysterious man, who calls himself Dream Deliverer. There, Piko meets Mako, a girl who was dead because of a traffic accident. Piko decided to let Mako return to the human world to see her mom and go to spiritual world instead of Mako.
They talked about the death like war,bullying so it was pretty real story.
But it was fun and I was touched.

I would like to watch beauty and beast at some point!



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