Oct 24, 2012

Osaka Hana Hostel Information board!

Hi, How are you? I'm Ranna :)
I have worked here for 6 months.

I make an effort to make information board for guests!
I believe this helps you to enjoy Osaka.
Hot and helpful information is on the board :)

When I had worked at J-hoppers Osaka, Kyohei, a recepcitoner, also wanted to put many info on the board. His information was also helpful.. like bars, beach or KOBE's stuff.
So it was Okay.
But he took my info awaaaay :(
I could not use the board as much as I want :(

Now I am doing as I want, he he :)

I put not only Osaka info, restaurants and useful tickets information is also up dated !
Please check it when you come to Osaka Hana Hostel!!!

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