Feb 2, 2013

Get Osaka T shirts :)

I buy T shirts for my presents and memories while traveling.
It is funny and makes everybody happy :)
Of course I have Osaka T shirts because I am from Osaka.
I really love this city :)

This T shirt says " Nande yanen!! This is a Osaka dialect.
Meaning is no way! how come? you must be joking. no kidding.

These are also Osaka dialect.
Yellow one says " It's OK, it's OK".
Black one says " I am looking for a keeper" , pretending a homeless dog.
He he he...!

This is a simple! I like it★

 When you visit Osaka, please get one. I m sure it will be a good present!
You can buy it in Dotombori, Aquarium and stations.  Thank you: )

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