Mar 22, 2013

Osaka shopping arcade =the longest one in Japan=

I got some questions from the guests
"I want to go somewhere today, but not so much touristy place, is there anywhere you recommend?"

I recommend “Tenjimbashi-Suji Shopping Street”.
If you want to see everyday life in Osaka.

It is the longest roofed shopping street in Japan
- about 2.6km (1.6miles)!!!

This is the beginning of arcade at 6chome area.
It runs from Tenjinbashi-suji 1chome to 7chome (chome is a kind of district) and you can find so many small shops and restaurants.

The reason why I recommend this place is that’s where I have been living this area for 16years!!

Each district has different atmosphere and I love specially around 5-6chome area.
The street is narrow from 6chome and 5chome and crowded with people and bicycle (people need to push their bike on this street, but not really....)

I will introduce some shops around this area.

Famous takoyaki shop "Wanaka". They serve fancy Takoyaki with beer or wine!
Reasonable price shop everywhere.
But if you go back there few days later, the shop is not there anymore because they rent a place temporally.
100yen shop and next door is the arcade(game center).
Shoes shop- any shoes 2000yen in this shop!
When I took my friend here, she found the shoes she wants but took long time to find her size, because there are shoes everywhere!
It was like a treasure hunting!!

Very famous Kushikatsu (Osaka food) restaurant

Popular Sushi restaurants
on the left is "Harukoma" and on the right "Sushi-Masa"at night you can see people line up.
They have a English menu.

When you get to 4chome you feel you have more space to walk.

This is just a beginning of the arcade, so you can spend a day to walk around.

Open hours :Different by each shop
Holiday: Some shops close on Tuesday

How to get there
Sakaisuji Line: Tenjinbashi-Suji 6chome , Ogimachi
Tanimachi Line: Tenjinbashi-Suji 6chome, Minami morimachi
JR: Temma Station

Please walk this street and experience Osaka local life!!

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