Apr 2, 2013

Night club OWL

I want to introduce one night club in Osaka which is I want to go at some point!
It's in Osaka, Umeda, pretty close to HEP FIVE and it's called OWL.
It's close to Umeda sation as well so easy to access.
They have some events every night from Monday to Sunday, but I can say Friday and Saturday should be fun and many people!

I haven't been yet, but the day I am interested in is the 3rd week of Friday and the 4th week of Saturday.
It's ALL MIX and TOP40! sounds awesome! right?

It's pretty good deal before 9pm especially girls! yay!
On weekday it's free before 9pm (600yen for 1 drink though)and Friday and Saturday girls are free before 9pm and boys are 1000 yen with 1 drink!

They close at 1 midnight so you have to go to another club in Shinsaibashi or Namba which  sucks but the thing is if they close early it means they are packed and good music even like 9pm!

If you come visit to Osaka, please drop by OWL!! I will go with my girls!

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