Jun 11, 2013

Nice place for a break at Umeda

If you are in Umeda around Osaka Station (the busiest area in Osaka) and wondering where you can have a short break by yourself or feel like having a picnic with your friends...

I definitely recommend you one of my favorite place in Osaka.

It's called Kaze-no-hiroba Plaza (means Plaza of Wind).

It is located on the 11th floor of North building of Osaka Station City.
You can get there from JR Osaka Station by the escalator,
or from the 10F of ISETAN department store or LUCUA.

On the top of the building, there are small gardens and some benches you can sit and relax.

I called this place "the Oasis in Umeda".
The reason why I like this place so much is you can sit there for free with a nice view of north side of Osaka city.
As the name of this place (Plaza of Wind), the wind feel great.
Freezing in winter, but it is good season to be here.

Grand Front Osaka- new shopping building

Floating garden- Umeda Sky Building
And the BEST thing is ....
you can buy your food and drink at the convenience store (Family Mart) on the same floor and have a picnic!!
How convenient and the reasonable choice!
There is Seattle's Best coffee shop as well on the same floor
I often go there by myself and sometime bring my friends to this place when we want to have a coffee (and sometime beer..:-)
They were impressed that there is a nice place like this in the center of Umeda area.
It used be less people 2years ago, but it becomes quite popular.
Some people is having a coffee, eating lunch, chatting with friends, reading books and so on.
During lunch time, it's hard to find a place to sit... but it is still my favorite place♪

You can see the guests from all of ages.
If you want to have a short break in Umeda,
please visit this place.
I hope you like here too(^^♪

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