Oct 20, 2013

Halloween horror night at Universal Studios Japan

Halloween at Universal Studios Japan this year is absolutely great!!

You can see many zombies walking around and scare you and also they dance to the music of "Thriller" from Michael Jackson.
This show is really cool!

And Sadako from Japanese horror movie, who even horrified Hollywood, haunts major attractions one after another!!

Two attractions that made their debut last year and terrified many guests returned to the Park, and have boon upgraded in to "Jason's Blood Diner 2" and "The Mummy Museum 3" and "Biohazard" came out for the sp

The event takes place from 6:00pm to the Park closing time on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from September 13 to November 10, as well as on Thursday, October 31.

Scream out and run from zombies!!

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