Jan 28, 2014

My favorite Ramen in Shinsaibashi - Zundoya

Hello, this is Masae from Osaka Hana Hostel!
Today, I would like to recommend you one of my favorite Ramen (Chinese noodle) shop in Shinsaibashi.
It is called "Zundoya" (ずんどう屋).
It takes about 5-6 minutes from Osaka Hana hostel on foot.
And the greatest thing about this shop is they open for 24hours!!
The big lantern is a sign of the shop from the street.
They serve ramen in pig bone soup (Ton Kotsu) and it's so good!!!
The most popular one is called "Ajitama ramen"
with chashu (BBQ pork), seaweed, spring onion and boiled egg.
My favorite one is Negi (a lot of spring onion) ramen on the left and my friend ordered Chashu men (BBQ pork) on the top.
Do you see the black bowl on the top the picture with some vegetable in it?
It is called "Takana"- leaf mustard pickled. It's quite spicy, but when you want to change the flavor of the Ramen, you can add it in the soup. Also it's nice to eat with Rice, and it's all you can eat:)
And when you order Ramen, you need to choose 2things, the noodle from 2 different shape of the noodle, and how thick you want your soup to be from light to super rich!

wavy one OR straight one.
More information about their special ingredient they use, please have a look their website.

Please don't worry they have an English menu.
If you need a dessert, you can find a famous cheese tarte shop " PABLO" on the corner as well!

We have a map of our restaurante recommendation at Osaka Hana Hostel, so please feel free to ask us!

Zundoya  Shinsaibashi shop
Address: 5-7, 1chome Shinsaibashi suji, Chuo-ku Osaka
TEL: 06-6245-0883
Open 24hours

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