Jul 6, 2015

One of the biggest firework event in Japan 【PL Art of Fireworks】

Hello, this is Haru from Osaka Hana Hostel :)

The rainy season is almost over so I'm excited !!
Summer is coming and Fireworks are "must" event to enjoy summer of Japan.

One of the biggest fireworks event is held in my hometown ''Tondabayashi'' on the 1st of August.

You can enjoy a grand display of fireworks, they set off 20,000 fireworks within an hour!!

And they present a new work every year.

At the end of a festival, super sized fireworks named ''Star-mine'' are set off!!

They set off 8,000 fireworks in a couple of seconds and big bang of fireworks echo throughout South Osaka area like a rumbling of the earth.

Could you believe it??
If you can not, please go to Tondabayashi on the 1st of August :)

(Movie from Youtube)

PL Art of Fireworks
【official】(No English)
【reference】(No English)

【Date】  the 1st of August 2015
【Time】  about 19:55~20:55
【Place】 30min From Tondabayashi station by walk
      40min From Kongo station by walk

**On the day, a lot of people go to these stations.
Even if you find a bus or taxi to the place, you will be caught in traffic.


  1. Yeah dear, Firework parties and events are gaining popularity nowadays. We also had a party last week at best Los Angeles event venues. It was really a great celebration and we all had amazing time there.

  2. Summer is coming and Fireworks are "must" event to enjoy summer of Japan.firework display