Sep 25, 2015

Doguya-suji Festival

This festival is organized by Doguya-Suji (a specialty street of shops for professional kitchen utensil) where making and selling cooking apparatus have been sold over 100 years in the city of Osakan flour containing food.

Kuromon ichiba market known for "Osaka's kitchen" will be cohosting with its autumn festival this year!

There will be about 60 shops to eat around, a chance to try Kitchen knife grinding and food sample making, and more of fun events around the market and Ura-Namba area. 

What's more, a giant Taiyaki (fish‐shaped pancake filled with bean jam) which was recognized by Guiness World Regord for its size will be distributed for 320 people as a sample!

SCHEDULE October 10(Sat) & 11(Sun), 2015

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