Mar 30, 2016


Hi, how is it going every one?
Is it every thing alright?

If we ask to our guests that 'What brought you Osaka?'
Probably, they are going to answer for delicious foods,sight seeing, and to get foreigner friends.

Let me introduce about Imazato Marche Yokocho today.

「今里 マルシェ」の画像検索結果

「今里 マルシェ」の画像検索結果

「今里 マルシェ」の画像検索結果

This is  maltinational 'Yatai'(stalls in Japanese) in *Imazato(from Shinsaibashi ,at first please go to Namba station and then take subway Sennichimae line to Imazato subway station)
Imasato Marche Yokocho has opened recently.
However there are always crowded and bustle.

In there you can enjoy every thing as I mentioned above!
First of all, you can get a taste of the Original Japanese foods such as Okonomiyaki,Takoyaki,Yakisoba,Teppanyaki,Yakitori and Oden.

In addition, you can enjoy Nepal foods ,Korean foods and USA stake!!!!!:)

And largely you can drink Japanese Sake here:)

You can check their menu links billows.

The detail is as follows!

If you go to Imazato Marche Yokocho please share your experience with us:)

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